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How is community property divided in Nevada?

One of the most difficult things about many divorces is asset division. In most cases, couples who have been together for years have grown their financial standing considerably since the day they said "I do." This means that there will be many shared resources, financial accounts and other assets that need to be divided.

Nevada is a "community property" state. This means that property -- with certain exceptions -- acquired by one or the other spouse during the course of the marriage will be divided equally between them. This same theory of property division also applies to debts and liabilities.

Tips for modifying a child support order

Sometimes, a child support order that made sense when you got divorced no longer fits your situation. If you lose your job, for instance, or suffer an injury that makes it impossible for you to work, you simply can't afford those payments. However, if you don't have the order modified, you're still expected to make them on time. You must take the proper legal steps to have the order changed, and these tips can help.

1. Talk to your ex. Explain the situation and ask if he or she would be fine with a modification. If you are both on the same page, the process can be far smoother than it will be if your ex is trying to fight you at every turn.

How to stop domestic violence: A checklist

Taking steps to stop domestic violence in its tracks is something that all Nevada residents need to do. However, it's the victims of domestic violence for whom it is most important to take action toward ending the abuse in their personal lives wherever and as soon as it occurs.

Let's take a look at some strategies to stop domestic abuse in its tracks:

Myths about parenting time and child custody

When you go to court for your child custody case, it's critical that a fair decision is made, one that respects your rights and the best interests of the child. Below are a few myths that you should be aware of, which could be detrimental to this process:

1. Young children are often more attached to one parent than the other.  

50-plus divorce and retirement

The 50-plus population demographic has surged since baby boomers have started getting older, and that means there are more divorces happening for people over the age of 50 as well. Because many people age 50 and up have amassed a sizable retirement, a divorce means that these important assets must be divided and the spouses must start re-planning their retirements.  

However, soon-to-be spouses need to be careful when they are thinking about how their retirements will look following a divorce. According to an economist from George Washington University, most couples create their retirement plans with the idea that they will live together, and thereby save money on living expenses. As such, following a divorce, a lot of living costs will be doubled, so spouses will not have as much money available to pay for their needs.  

Legal separation in Nevada

Legal separation is a way for couples to take a time-out from their marriage rather than moving forward with divorce. In some cases, separation is a way to prepare for and resolve the majority of the decisions that will be involved in a divorce. In other cases, it's a way for couples to end and resolve specific aspects of their marriages while still remaining technically married.

In the state of Nevada, a legal separation is viewed by the courts and filed by the parties just the same as a divorce would be. Also the same as divorce, as a part of legal separation, couples will divvy up their marital estates and make decisions regarding child custody, child support and alimony.

Technological advances have created cyberstalking

Technology has changed modern life dramatically, in a relatively short timeframe. It wasn't that long ago that you sent letters through the mail or used pay phones to make calls when you weren't at home, but both of those things seem hopelessly archaic now. A ton of communication is done online and/or with smartphones.

One of the downsides, though, is that this has given rise to cyberstalking. This is when people use this same technology to harass and stalk others, a form of domestic violence and abuse.

Nevada domestic violence statistics highlight serious problem

Domestic violence happens throughout the nation, and although police do a lot to try to stop it, the reality of domestic violence still persists. In fact, issues relating to domestic violence are the focus of many divorce proceedings in our state. In these cases, it is often the victim who decides to stand up for his or her right to live free of physical violence and abuse and files for divorce.

It can take a great deal of courage for the victims of domestic violence to take the steps necessary to protect themselves and their family members from further abuse. In fact, many are told that they will be subjected to further violence -- and even had their lives threatened -- if they choose to pursue divorce.

Can you and your ex be together over the holidays for your kids?

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times for many divorced parents. They want to spend part of these special holidays -- whichever ones they celebrate -- with their kids. However, they often end up with their children away with the other parent for part of the time.

Some parents get along well enough to share the holidays with their kids as a family. Recently, actress Drew Barrymore told reporters that she and her ex-husband, who divorced this year, will be going on an "adventure" together over the holidays with their two young daughters. They already spent Halloween together with their kids.