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Navigating the complexities of a high net worth divorce

Most Nevada residents want to earn and save as much money as they can, and they certainly would not be opposed to owning multiple homes, dozens of cars and several profitable businesses. However, as beneficial as owning these assets are, they certainly do not make the divorce process any easier. Indeed, the more assets involved in a divorce, the more complicated and time-consuming the divorce is likely to be.

In high asset divorce proceedings like this, divorcing couples may want to utilize the services of an experienced divorce lawyer, in addition to expert accountants, tax accountants, appraisers and more. These individuals will help the soon-to-be ex-spouses divide up their marital assets in the fairest way possible according to the law.

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback indicted

A grand jury in Texas has indicted Johnny Manziel, a former quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. The indictment is for an assault charge related to family violence.

The alleged victim in the case is a former girlfriend of the Heisman Trophy winner. The assault allegedly occurred on Jan. 30 in Dallas, Texas. The woman reportedly said that Manziel hit her repeatedly and told her he would kill her when they were out on the town. In addition, the woman alleged that the former star from Texas A&M struck her when they were driving back to her home in Fort Worth. According to a report on CBSsports.com, the woman suffered a ruptured eardrum when he hit her.

After divorce, man uses dog and artistic spirit to recover

Even though divorce inherently has a negative tone and can bring people down quite easily, the following divorce story has an uplifting message -- and it also includes an important divorce topic.

This story is about a man named Rafael Mantesso, whose wife divorced him on his 30th birthday. In the divorce, he lost everything -- well, nearly everything. He still had his bull terrier puppy. He was living in an empty apartment, and was looking for something to lift him up. His puppy, and Rafael's artistic skills, enabled him to find that "something."

Protecting assets isn't the only thing a prenup accomplishes

Some people assume that a prenuptial agreement is really only meant for people who have accumulated a lot of wealth. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. While prenups certainly can protect many financial areas of a marriage (and a divorce), it can still help and protect spouses in other ways. Wealth isn't the determining factor as to whether a couple should get a prenup. The couple has to want it, and the couple has to agree that a prenup is right for them.

If you and your husband or wife decide that a prenup is right for your relationship, then there are a few things to note about the prenup and what it can cover. First, a prenup can protect you from your wife's or husband's debt. It can also protect the assets that you have under your name (or your family's name).

Addressing modifications to a child custody arrangement

When you and your spouse file for divorce, if you have children, your son or daughter will be at the top of the list of issues that you want to handle. Many couples can agree to shared custody, and that makes the whole process a lot simpler and easier. But there are many cases where custody is contested, and in these cases the spouses have to be prepared for an anxious and difficult process. You will need witnesses and evidence to show why you are fit to have sole custody of your child.

There is another subsection of divorced parents, though, that share custody with their ex but have extreme life circumstances that force an interstate custody arrangement, or an adjustment to the current custody arrangement.

When you divorce, address the process fairly and seriously

Divorce is not to be taken lightly, and any spouse that is considering such a decision needs to be prepared for what comes after. Doing research is essential so that you know the basics of the topics at hand, such as child custody and support, alimony, prenuptial agreements and property division.

Doing research is just one of many things you can do to improve the divorce process and improve your position. For one, you should not lie during the divorce process. Fully disclose your assets and property because lying about it will only cause more legal headaches down the line. You should also be forthcoming with your attorney, and make sure you ask questions when you are confused or need clarification on critical issues.

Helping families approach difficult legal topics

Every family will go through good times and bad times. Sometimes the latter will seem to last forever; sometimes the former will lift you out of those dark times. But sometimes, the spouses realize that their time together has reached its end. Legally achieving that end, though, is not necessarily an easy task if you go about it on your own. That's why it is imperative to have experienced legal counsel on your side to help you through some of the difficult decision you will have to make.

That's where we come in. At Kainen Law Group, we have helped many families in Las Vegas overcome the significant hurdle that is filing for divorce. We can also help families who have questions about child custody and support, or families who have questions about their prenuptial agreement.

What factors in to a child support decision?

If you and your spouse have a child and you decide it is time for a divorce, then child custody and child support will be issues that need to be handled. Child support is usually involved if one parent has sole custody and the other doesn't. If the parents share custody, then child support payments are less likely.

If child support payments are involved, however, then you and your spouse will have to deal with child support determination, and possibly a judge's ultimate ruling on the matter. With that in mind, it is important to take not of the factors that could eventually determine what your child support payments will be -- regardless of whether you end up being the paying or receiving spouse.

Your actions after divorce are very important

Inherent to the divorce equation is a bit of heartbreak and a bit of anger. No one will walk away from a completed divorce without a slight feeling of discomfort and resentment, and that's perfectly natural. You may overwhelmingly happy at the same time, too -- but that small bit of resentment will be there.

What is important to realize about getting a divorce is that in the aftermath, your actions still carry a lot of weight, especially if you have children. You want to be peaceful, calm and respectful to your former spouse, even after the divorce is finalized. Being angry and uncompromising with them can lead to further legal action, which can be costly and painful for you.

Pet custody: your pet is property unless you do something

Having a pet can be a very rewarding experience for the owners. They learn responsibility, and they learn to love an animal as a family member. But think about a pet in the context of a divorce. If you and your spouse file for divorce, who would get your pet? How is the pet dealt with in a divorce?

Pet custody is a little difficult simply because it is still a budding area of family law. However, there are plenty of pet custody cases that have been handled well. Unfortunately, there are also examples of pet custody cases being handled poorly. This is because pets are legally considered pieces of property during a divorce. So if the spouses don't have an agreement in place before heading to court, the pet will be handled as a piece of property -- and that can lead to messy and devastating results.