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Owner of hedge fund firm Citadel files for divorce

Individuals in Las Vegas who possess many assets and are considering divorce might find themselves in a similar situation to that of hedge fund firm owner Kenneth C. Griffin and his wife Anne Dias Griffin. Filing for divorce after 11 years, the couple owns numerous assets including an extensive art collection.

Although the couple signed a premarital agreement in 2003, they still have a complex marital estate. Citadel, Kenneth Griffin's hedge fund, may be protected since Anne Griffin is not listed as an owner. Representatives of both individuals have declined to comment on whether she will seek any assets related to the company. Anne Griffin founded the investment fund Aragon Global Management LLC in 2001 where she is still a managing partner.

Changes in domestic violence laws over the years

In Las Vegas and elsewhere in the U.S., laws regarding domestic violence have changed a great deal over the years. Although the United States has always recognized domestic violence as morally wrong, its courts and public perception have taken a long time to catch up. In the 1600s, Massachusetts had a law on the books stating that husbands could not abuse their wives; 200 years later, a 19th century North Carolina court reportedly reversed the divorce and alimony of an abused woman.

Laws continued to be slow to change until the late 20th century when awareness of the dynamics of domestic abuse began to be better understood. The first shelters for battered women began opening in the 1960s. Over the last two decades, the government has increasingly dedicated funds to prevention of domestic violence.

Contentious Moore divorce set to be finalized

Nevada residents may be interested to learn that filmmaker Michael Moore and his wife, Kathy Glynn, are about to finalize their divotce. The couple has been married for 22 years, but they dated for nine years before tying the knot. They have no children together. Glynn has a daughter from a previous relationship. Early in Moore's career, Glynn worked as a producer on his films, however, she stopped in 2004. Moore claims that she moved out of their apartment the same year, but court documents also put the split at 2010 and 2013.

The separation date is only one of many issues on which the couple cannot reach agreement. There are more than 700 pages of trial exhibits. Moore alleges that Glynn read his personal communications and even hired a private investigator to check up on him. Another point of contention is the couple's large marital estate, a Michigan lakefront home purchased in 1995. When the couple later remodeled the home, Moore complained that his wife wasted marital funds and the expansion cost five times more than originally anticipated.

The role of social media in child support disputes

When two people in Nevada decide to have a child, there is an expectation that they will support that child. If the parents subsequently divorce, one may gain custody of the children while the courts may order the non-custodial parent to pay a set amount of child support every month. Some parents are diligent about making their payments, but others neglect to send any financial support to their children.

There is no law against being legitimately unable to cover the support, and there are cases where the non-custodial parent is destitute and has nothing to send. On the other hand, there are parents who have the means to support their children but choose not to. When the evidence supports the idea that a person is willfully refusing to pay child support, then the criminal justice system may become involved in the case.

The problem of parental abductions

Nevada parents may be interested in an article discussing parental abduction issues. While courts will often grant orders to have the child returned, enforcement can be problematic.

Reports indicate that out of all child abductions in the U.S., around three-quarters of the children are taken by one of the child's parents. When a parental abduction happens, the parent with custody generally obtains a court order to return the child. Even with the force of the judicial system behind it, enforcing the order can be very difficult. This is because the enforcement of these court orders requires the assistance of the police. Authorities, however, are often reluctant to put their officers at risk to carry out the order.

Retirement a top consideration for divorce later in life

In Nevada, and all over the United States, older couples now divorce at higher rates than in the past. Many consider their home the largest asset in their marital estate, yet when couples divorce later in life, the assets they hold for retirement may be far more substantial.

While older spouses face issues similar to many divorcing couples, they face a more pressing need to make plans regarding retirement. Investing in a consultation with a certified financial planner during the early stages of a divorce represents a wise investment for the future. This advice often proves invaluable once the process of property division begins. Financial planners offer important insights regarding retirement planning options. They might offer strategies on the best ways to use Social Security benefits and discuss the rules for dividing retirement accounts and assets.

NBA All-Star seeks child custody

Nevada fans of Indiana Pacer Paul George may be applauding the player for taking his child-rearing responsibility seriously. The star recently filed a petition for sole child custody after the child's New York mother filed her own petition to receive sole custody.

The star stated in February that he would embrace fatherhood if he was determined through a paternity test to be the baby girl's father. Although the child's mother said that a prenatal paternity test a probability of 99.9 percent that George was the biological father, the All-Star is seeking his own test because of misgivings regarding the methodology used in the prenatal test. The star's spokesman said that it is a routine paternity case, but some individuals might find it unusual that an athlete like George would be willing to accept responsibility and support a child who was found legally to be his.

How grandparents can protect their parenting time


If you are a grandparent and you are having difficulty spending time with your grandchildren, you may not be alone. It is not uncommon for adult children to deny parenting time to their parents. The reasons can vary, but they likely revolve around some sort of emotionally charged dispute. For example, there could be some problems over money (or the lack thereof). The grandchild could be “unavailable” because the parent is not receiving financial help.  Or the parent is being vindictive because the grandparents do not approve of their child’s choice of a mate.

Whatever the reason, grandparents have a legal right to spend time with their grandchildren. However, this right does not come automatically.  

How best to deal with missed parenting time

The Fourth of July weekend holiday is quickly approaching. Many people are making a four day weekend out of the holiday. For divorced and separated parents, this could be a tricky time, especially when there is parenting time to be had and the other parent is hardly reliable when it comes to exchanges.

So what is a parent to do if he or she is denied parenting time this weekend? This post will provide some helpful tips.

How to avoid parenting time disputes over the 4th of July holiday

 The Independence Day holiday is coming next week. This means that family barbeques and fireworks celebrations are going to be part of the many activities that families in Las Vegas will be taking part in. With the holiday falling on a Friday, it will be a much-anticipated three day weekend.

However, holidays can be complicated for divorcing and separated parents, as there may be no established rules for parenting time. And during holidays, it is common for parents without a court order to run into problems. For parents in these situations, we offer a few tips to help in avoiding problems.