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Advice for single parents following a divorce

Divorced Nevada parents will generally have a lot of questions about single parenting methods that will benefit their children. In fact, parents are well-served to study up on single parenting advice to ensure their children are not hurt by their divorces. In the meantime, however, the following simple pieces of advice will be very helpful to newly single parents.

First, parents are advised that consistency is key. Creating a stable home life after divorce is very important for children, who will now be going back and forth to their different houses. Having a set structure and schedule for rules, bedtimes, curfews and time for video games is essential to helping children feel psychologically safe and emotionally stable.

Know your rights when you're divorcing someone in the military

If you're married to someone in the military and you're contemplating divorce (or your spouse is), it's essential to know your legal rights and what benefits you and your children are entitled to receive.

Military retired pay is an important factor. Many people believe that a military spouse can only receive a portion of that money if the couple was married for 10 years or more. That is the minimum for a former spouse to receive direct payments from the Department of Defense, and the servicemember must have been in the military for those 10 years.

Is there an alternative solution to a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is not something that is easily brought up with your soon-to-be spouse. In fact, many Nevada residents are shy to bring up the need or desire for a prenuptial agreement because they're afraid it will make them seem distrustful or selfish. In fact, this is not the way future spouses should view prenuptial agreements, but instances where a prenup is impossible, future spouses may want to consider setting up an Asset Protection Trust.

An Asset Protection Trust does not require the other spouse to agree to it. As such, it can be created confidentially without any involvement of the other spouse. For this reason, the Asset Protection Trust could be a great alternative to a prenuptial agreement, especially for those who have specific assets they want to protect from the possibility of being divided in the event of a future divorce.

The effects of domestic violence on children and their classmates

We all know that domestic violence can have a serious impact on children, even if they aren't the direct victims of the violence. Witnessing it in the home between their parents or other adults can cause emotional and behavioral issues that can impact the rest of their lives.

The problem goes beyond the roughly 10 to 20 percent of kids who live in households where there's violence, however. It can impact their classmates as well, according to counselors and teachers. Research has backed this up as well.

What are the legal causes of divorce in Nevada?

Under Chapter 125, Dissolution of Marriage, Nevada law offers three causes for divorce by which Nevada spouses will be granted the dissolution of their marriages. Whenever a spouse seeking divorce comes to a Las Vegas family law attorney, the attorney will ask a series of questions to determine which of these causes of actions the particular divorce will fall under. This article will discuss those causes of action exactly as the law describes them.

The first, and most common reason for divorce, is incompatibility. This is the catch-all category that literally can apply to nearly any situation. If two individuals -- or if only one side of the marriage -- comes to the realization that he or she is no longer compatible with the other spouse, then the individual is well within his or her rights to file for divorce. That divorce will eventually be granted, even if the other spouse doesn't agree that the pair is incompatible.

Tips for moving on once your divorce is final

Even non-contentious divorces can be draining. The process may seem like a never-ending series of meetings, document-signings, working out a parenting plan and possibly moving to a new home. Even if you have assets that allow you to live comfortably, adjusting to a new, scaled-down lifestyle can be challenging.

While you're likely feeling a little (or a lot) relieved, the end of the divorce proceedings can hit some people hard. But now it's time for the next phase of your life. Following is some advice from professionals who deal with divorce (including attorneys, therapists, divorce coaches and financial advisors) for newly-divorced people.

Legal separation as an alternative to divorce

Through legal separation, Nevada couples can dissolve different parts of their marriage agreement without actually finalizing their divorce. Legal separation is an excellent way for married couples to take a long-term break from their marriage -- especially in cases where either one or the other spouse is not quite certain about beginning divorce proceedings.

There are a lot of reasons for legal separation. For example, some parents would rather stay together legally while their children are still minors. Alternatively, legal separation could be the first step toward the divorce process, as legal separation is actually filed in Nevada just like a divorce is filed.

How common is domestic violence in Nevada?

Domestic violence is a problem throughout our country. The true reach of the problem may not be fully understood, though, as many victims do not report abuse. Below are some domestic violence statistics for the state of Nevada for 2015.

-- There were 41,413 reported victims of domestic violence. While females accounted for most of the victims, 2,861 men also reported domestic violence.

Approaching child custody disagreements diplomatically

Child support payments are one of the most common areas of disagreement during divorce proceedings. In most cases, the paying spouse wants to pay as little child support as possible and the receiving spouse wants to receive as much child support as possible. The goal of the court is to determine the actual amount of child support that needs to be paid based on the parents' incomes and personal assets.

Nevada child support guidelines offer clear-cut guidance to courts on how to establish the amount of child support a parent should be required to pay based on both parents' incomes and based on how much time the child spends living with each parent. Individual circumstances pertaining to the child -- like education costs, special needs, and the quality of life the child enjoyed during the marriage -- will also come into play and could serve increase or lower the amount of child support he parent needs to pay.

Boy found after being kidnapped by mother

One thing many parents fear is that they'll lose their child. Whether that loss is through an accident or because of another parent taking the child away, some people find that their worst fears do come to pass. When a child is taken against custody arrangements, the person responsible can be charged with parental kidnapping.

This case is a good example of a custody arrangement that went wrong but has a happy ending. According to the news, a child reportedly abducted from Dublin, Nevada, has been returned to his father. The news reports that the father reported his son kidnapped after he was taken from his home at around 7:10 a.m.