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What are some common life changes after divorce?

Your divorce is final. You've made it through a very difficult time in your life, but you feel like you and your ex handled it with dignity. After all, negotiating child custody and support orders is truly important. You know that your life will change dramatically as you move forward from your divorce, but are you really aware of what changes you might see. Here are some of the most common life changes that occur after a divorce:

-- Economic changes: The loss of a job or fewer hours worked can throw the best laid plans for child support or alimony into a tailspin. You may need to head back to court to see if a modification to the child support or alimony order can be made.

Family law cases in Nevada

Helping to facilitate the peaceful resolution of conflict while ensuring that a client's legal rights are protected is a family attorney's job, but this can be challenging when -- in the family law context -- disagreements can seem like matters of life and death. For this reason, family law attorneys need to use diplomacy and tact while not letting their clients be taken advantage of.

At the Kainen Law Group, we make foremost the sanctity of the attorney-client relationship. This communication involves listening to our clients' needs and wishes for their family law matters, and it also involves the education of our clients on all the legal options available to them and the legal options that we feel they should undertake.

A divorce primer

Even if you never find yourself going through a divorce, chances are that someone close to you has been or will be. You might not know what to say to a friend who is experiencing this tumultuous time, so learning a bit more about it can be helpful when you need to comfort a friend.

For some, divorce is a back door that can never be unlocked. You simply must work out your marriage -- you don't leave. However, that isn't always the case. One woman found that despite what her church believed, it was best for her to go through that back door.

Navigating divorce proceedings in Las Vegas

No one has ever said that divorce is easy. Indeed, it can be a complicated, emotional and difficult process to dissolve your marriage, but that does not mean that it has to be the worst experience of your entire life. At the Kainen Law Group, we take great strides to make the divorce process as stress-free, fast and cost-effective as possible for our clients.

One of the secrets to our success is our in-depth understanding of the numerous and complicated issues that can arise during the typical divorce. We use our experience and knowledge of the law, and our innate diplomatic ability, to navigate these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3 tips for social media users going through divorce

Social media is a trap when you are going through a divorce. In fact, even before you file for divorce, the content of your social media accounts has the potential to play a huge role in your divorce. Anything and everything could be used against you in family court if your husband or wife chooses to go that route. And there is a treasure trove of potential information on any social media account.

With that in mind, just a few simple tips and rules when it comes to social media and divorce.

How can a legal separation help married couples?

Many married couples who fall upon a difficult time start to question their marriage. If they decide that they don't want to be with this person anymore, sometimes it is best to fully think through that potential life change before actually acting upon it. This is where legal separation can come in and help someone that is considering divorcing his or her spouse.

When you are legally separated, you are still married to your spouse. However, the legal separation can entitle spouses to certain elements of a divorce. For example, separation maintenance (effectively spousal support) can be involved in a legal separation. Child custody and visitation provisions can be made. Assets can even be divvied up in the property division process.

What divorce is and is not

A quick search of the Internet will provide you with just about anything you want to know about divorce. Some of the information might not apply to you; some might. No matter what you have come to think about your own divorce, you really should try to learn as much as possible about the process.

One woman found out that she was pretty naive when she ended up in the midst of her own divorce. Her pastor had said that when two people are married, they don't leave or get divorced -- they work it out. She found out that doesn't always happen.

Congress changes Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act

Congress has changed the 1982 Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act. The ex-spouse law was tweaked in a way that gives divorce courts the ability to classify military retired pay as jointly earned property in divorce proceedings. This is big news considering the fact that Congress has not even considered making small changes to the USFSPA in more than 10 years.

On Wednesday, the Congressional amendment was approved, and if it is enacted, it will benefit service members who get divorced after it goes into effect. The primary part of the bill that the measure seeks to change is the "windfall" feature, which retired service members have been criticizing for tens of years. If the service member is not retired before he or she gets his divorce, then the spouse will have the right to a percentage of his or her retirement pay in the future.

Co-parenting after a divorce shouldn't be optional

After a divorce, the married couple may feel as if they went through the toughest, most emotional time in their lives. For those who have children, it's usually the same or worse for them. When parents divorce, it's crucial that parents get the co-parenting thing down. This doesn't mean there won't be mistakes or difficulties along the way, but here are some reasons why co-parenting after a divorce is so important.

First, your kids just want the major effects the divorce to settle. During the first six months or so, everyone's emotions are raw. Parents may feel like it's all they can do to keep themselves together, let alone their children. However, this is when your children must come first. They are desperately trying to figure out what the new normal is now.

Navigating the complexities of a high net worth divorce

Most Nevada residents want to earn and save as much money as they can, and they certainly would not be opposed to owning multiple homes, dozens of cars and several profitable businesses. However, as beneficial as owning these assets are, they certainly do not make the divorce process any easier. Indeed, the more assets involved in a divorce, the more complicated and time-consuming the divorce is likely to be.

In high asset divorce proceedings like this, divorcing couples may want to utilize the services of an experienced divorce lawyer, in addition to expert accountants, tax accountants, appraisers and more. These individuals will help the soon-to-be ex-spouses divide up their marital assets in the fairest way possible according to the law.