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What will a judge consider when deciding a child custody dispute?

Child custody disputes can be the most emotionally difficult conflicts that arise in family law. In some situations, both the mother and father want to be the parent with primary physical custody of their children.

It's then that a Clark County judge will listen to arguments made by attorneys for the two parents and then decide on a custody arrangement. These situations can prompt many to ask what a judge will consider when deciding a child custody dispute in Las Vegas.

Are men or women more likely to initiate divorce?

Married men are more likely to cheat than be cheated on, research shows, but that doesn't mean men shouldn't recognize that their spouses can also stray. Earlier this year, Las Vegas media outlets reported that over half of all married women are expected to be unfaithful to their spouses at some point in their marriages.

If men are more likely to cheat (about 70 percent do, researchers say), who is more likely to initiate divorce proceedings? A new study shows that about 69 percent of divorces are initiated by the women in opposite-sex marriages. And once the process has been started, it opens up discussions, negotiations and sometimes litigation over issues such as child custody, property division and spousal support.

Does he have a fighting chance?

"Sugar" Shane Mosley is ready to stage a comeback at age 43. But before the boxer returns to the ring this weekend, he has started a legal fight with his ex-wife. Mosley insists in court documents that his 2002 Las Vegas wedding was not valid because the woman he married that day was already married.

Perhaps more important, Mosley wants his $6 million back. That's the figure he agreed to in a 2011 divorce settlement. The former champ claims in court documents that he found out last month about his ex-wife's bigamy. He says because he was never legally married to the mother of his three children, the divorce and financial agreement are also invalid.

By using the internet, do you raise the risk of divorce?

The theory goes something like this: those of us who use the internet are exposed to things that cause some to stray from their marriages. With a click of a mouse, people can find things such as social media sites where they can find former lovers, not to mention an abundance of pornography and sites serving up everything from news to recipes with eye-popping photos and videos.

The internet also offers up dating sites, including the infamous Ashley Madison site that encourage married people to cheat. "Life is short," the site coos. "Have an affair." Now that hackers have \laid bare \names and addresses of the site's customers, many observers expect lines to form outside of divorce courts stretching from Las Vegas to Miami and everywhere in between.

Dividing substantial assets in a Las Vegas divorce

She can afford to set a spending record on a painting sold at auction. Art patron Elaine Wynn, co-founder of Wynn Resorts and former wife of Las Vegas icon Steve Wynn, can add the $142 million Francis Bacon triptych to her already impressive collection. She and her ex-husband collected a number of valuable art pieces during their two long marriages (the first lasted 23 years; the second was for 19 years).

When the pair split the second time, the divorce was amicable with the two avid art patrons dividing famous pieces between them. Because their tastes diverge, the division was free of disputes, Artnet News recently reported. She got Picassos, a Manet and a textile piece by Jim Hodges, among others. Her ex also got Picasso, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh.

Virtual visitation: Boon or bane for divorced parents?

Depending on a person's perspective, virtual visitation is an example of how technology can improve child-parent relationships or erode them. As the term implies, virtual visitation is a way of using Skype, cellphones, instant messaging and other technological advances to have contact after a divorce with your child.

Virtual visitation might come into play when a divorced parent moves out of Clark County or Nevada altogether, making regular in-person visits rare. While the digital interactions are preferable to phone calls, many divorcing parents are concerned that family courts are going to increasingly allow custodial parents to relocate and rely on virtual visitations to maintain parent-child relationships.

A call to embrace the divorced

Pope Francis has developed a reputation for shaking things up. The pontiff continued to do so with a recent statement to those gathered for his weekly Vatican audience. He said the Church should embrace Catholics who divorce and remarry.

He made special mention of embracing the children of divorced Catholics, saying "we must not add more weight to what children in these situations already have to bear." A more accepting Church might well be of great spiritual comfort to a number of Catholics who have left failed marriages and those who are considering a divorce.

Steps to take before filing for divorce

It's summer in Las Vegas. It's hot, but we are already eyeing September and October, when temperatures begin tapering off and the city gets an infusion of energy. For many people pondering divorce, it's a time when they begin looking ahead and thinking what life might be like in the new year if they act now and begin the legal process of deciding child custody and property division.

Before you jump into the fray, take time to pause, plan and prepare, Fox Business urges. There are financial steps and other matters to get in order before you separate or serve your spouse with divorce papers.

A fine day to end a marriage

The titles of some of the movies hint at the decline and fall of a marriage: "He's Just Not That Into You," "State of Play," "Extract" and "Man About Town." All of those Ben Affleck movies have been released in the past decade; the period during which he has been married to Jennifer Garner.

The couple recently announced their coming divorce; the joint announcement came one day after their tenth wedding anniversary. Coincidence? Probably not. A Forbes columnist notes that there are good reasons to wait a decade and a day to announce a divorce.

Common divorce mistake: Getting advice from family and friends

There is no one as dear to you as your sister. Or maybe your closest confidant is the guy at work who has apparently been everywhere and done everything. Other people turn to their best friend from their college days, their parents or a member of the clergy. All of these people can play vital roles in your life, giving you great advice on a number of personal issues you won't share with anyone else.

But one of the greatest mistakes made by people about to embark on divorce is to take or seek legal advice from well-meaning friends, family and co-workers. Not all advice is good advice, however. In a divorce, it's wise to remember that your Las Vegas family law attorney is the best source of advice, just as when you have eye problems, an ophthalmologist is the person to go to for advice.