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June 2011 Archives

Nevada justice proposes domestic violence court program

In 2008, 38 women were killed at the hands of a husband, boyfriend, or other man with whom they had a relationship of some kind. While even one such death is too many, the fact that the number of women killed in Nevada was more than two times the national average of domestic violence-related fatalities has prompted the proposal of a special domestic violence court. Such a program would focus on effectively treating those who commit relationship violence, with a goal of minimizing repeat offenses.

Important divorce considerations for the boomer generation

If a couple divorces at age 60, their divorce settlement, property agreement, and all other details will most certainly look much different than if they had divorced when they were 30. At an earlier age, divorce settlements often revolve around child custody, child support, real estate, and splitting common debt. At age 60, when couples are generally more financially established, their divorce is more likely to hinge on alimony, retirement accounts, and Social Security.

Study links adolescent sexual experience to divorce

It is not uncommon for the effects and potential ramifications of a teenager's (or adult's) first sexual experience to continue for months, or even years, after the event itself. A new study has linked the age of a woman's first sexual encounter to the likelihood that she will eventually divorce later in life.

NBA player ordered to pay $1 million in child support arrears

Earlier this week, we wrote that celebrities are often like us "normal people" in the family law arena, using an example of an actor who recently filed a motion seeking a reduction in his court-ordered child support payments after he became unemployed. Today we are reporting a story that is similar in nature - a former professional basketball player who has been ordered to pay child support arrears, or back payments, after several years of failing to make child support payments.

'Dazed and Confused' actor seeks child support reduction

As the economy continues to struggle, families in Nevada and across the country are finding themselves in situations they did not anticipate. One example of this is the growing number of petitions for reductions in child support that have become increasingly common in the recession. In such trying economic times, it is somewhat reassuring to know that celebrities are also finding themselves resorting to such unanticipated measures due to a loss of income or other financial difficulties.

Protecting your finances in divorce

Clearly, a divorce brings a lot of change. Amidst all of the personal, relationship and family adjustments, many divorcing couples forget about one significant consideration: their bank accounts. As the family changes in divorce, so does its financial situation. It is important that divorcing couples in Las Vegas remain proactive with their finances, ensuring that the emotions of divorce do not affect their money or other assets.

Husband attacks wife during divorce hearing

In Las Vegas, the majority of domestic abuse goes on behind closed doors. Many people may speculate and worry about whether such abuse is taking place in the homes of a friend or loved one, but without witnessing it, an accusation of domestic violence heard in a Las Vegas courtroom often boils down to a case of he said - she said. However, this was not the situation in a Florida courtroom in April, when a husband violently attacked his wife in front of the judge and other court personnel.

Coparenting after a divorce

Recent studies have indicated that children of divorce are more likely to face serious psychological and emotional burdens in their formative years and throughout their lives. Certainly, divorce is difficult on all members of a family, especially as they adjust to their new lives, schedules and routines. Amidst all the change, newly divorced parents should not forget one important task: developing a plan for how they will jointly raise their children.

Up to $400 million at stake in Schwarzenegger-Shriver split

As the dust settles around the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver separation, complete with allegations of infidelity and extramarital children, many are speculating about the couple's next move. It was recently reported that both spouses have both hired divorce attorneys, so it appears that a permanent split is imminent. It is no secret that Schwarzenegger and Shriver both have significant wealth, together and apart, so dividing up their finances and assets could end up being a long process.