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July 2011 Archives

The male victims of domestic violence

Recently, a shocking incident of abuse became the focus of media coverage in the U.S., with news anchors and late-night comedians alike sharing the tragic story of a man who was drugged, restrained and assaulted at the hands of his estranged wife. Although domestic violence occurs every day in Las Vegas and throughout the country and world, there is relatively little attention paid to stories in which the man is the victim, except when they are as deplorable as this.

Malta citizens vote to legalize divorce

As our country wrestles with same-sex marriage and related issues, it seems antiquated and almost unbelievable that there are other nations still grappling with the concept of divorce. However, that is the case with Malta, a small European nation that voted just this week to legalize divorce in the country.

Divorce may strengthen the parent-child relationship

Sometimes, it seems that all we ever read (and write about) is the negative effects of divorce on children. Certainly, a divorce is a life-changing event for all members of the family, and parents should carefully navigate their post-divorce life to lessen the impact on children as much as possible. But parents who can't find relief from the guilt often associated with splitting up the family should take heart: in many instances, a divorce can actually strengthen the relationship between parents and children, and in turn, strengthen the family as a whole.

Las Vegas marriages are on the decline

Throughout its history, Las Vegas has gained a reputation as somewhat of a marriage mecca. The city - more specifically, the Las Vegas strip - is known for its quickie wedding chapels, Elvis impersonator officiants, and drive-through weddings. Celebrities such as Britney Spears, Joan Collins, Demi Moore, Jon Bon Jovi and Angelina Jolie have taken advantage of the lack of required waiting time for marriages, with varying divorce rates.

Disease and divorce

When couples stand at the altar and proclaim that they will support each other in sickness and in health, most anticipate fulfilling that promise in their twilight years, after they have lived a long and happy life together. Few couples foresee their "in sickness" pledge coming due in the beginning, or even the middle, of their marriage. But the reality is that people of all ages get sick, at all stages of life, and they rely on their spouses for support during a difficult illness and, hopefully, recovery.

Are parents of extremely obese children abusive?

When a family court is determining child custody disputes it is important to look at what is best for the child. Is the child going to thrive with one parent over another? Or, in the cases where the state is stepping in for the protection of the child, is it better for the child to be with its parents or with a foster family?

Domestic violence in child custody evaluations

When ruling on a complicated divorce case, a family court judge will often turn to a variety of third party neutrals to assist in the decision. Property valuators and child custody evaluators are common impartial parties who assess the situation from a neutral standpoint and provide a recommendation to the judge deciding the case. The judge is not bound to incorporate that recommendation into the final divorce decree, but it can be a helpful took in the decision-making process.

Does gay marriage legalization lower the divorce rate?

With the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in New York, it is becoming increasingly likely that other states may soon follow its lead. We realize that gay marriage is the subject of heated debate in Nevada and throughout the country, with valid arguments on both sides of the dispute. Recently, pro-gay-marriage advocates are citing new census data indicating that states with legal gay marriage have a lower rate of divorce. However, as the divorce rate is affected by several different factors, it may be too early to claim that gay marriage alone is responsible for a decrease in divorce.

Financial infidelity could lead to divorce

Despite the continuing reports that the economic recession is over, many Las Vegas residents continue to feel the pinch of a tough financial situation. High mortgage payments, credit card debt and medical bills leave many people without much, if any, money left over at the end of the month. However, old habits break hard, and some people continue to spend as they did before the recession hit, which can lead to feelings of guilt. These feelings, can, in turn, motivate a spender to hide purchases from his or her spouse.