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August 2011 Archives

Study: women gain weight in marriage, men in divorce

A new study reports that both men and women commonly gain weight during marriage and following a divorce. However, the genders are believed to be more susceptible to weight gain following different life events: men gain weight following a divorce, while women gain weight during marriage.

Control your finances during - and after - divorce

Divorce can be a lonely process. But it doesn't always have to be that way. In fact, family law experts suggest surrounding yourself with a support team to make it through the process. While friends and family are certainly valuable members of this team, there are others, such as a family law attorney and financial planning expert, that can help you through the legal and logistical side of divorce, looking out for your interests while you prepare to take your next step.

Nevada ranks first on list of most divorced states

Following a 2010 study, Nevada has been ranked as the nation's "most divorced state," with approximately 6.6 divorces per 1,000 people in the state. Certainly, there are a variety of possible reasons for Nevada's disproportionately high divorce rate. In a CNBC analysis, the temptations of Reno and Las Vegas are blamed for the rank. However, there is likely more to it than that.

Simplifying the child support process

It can be difficult to compel your child's other parent to pay child support, regardless of what is ordered in family court. Especially when there is a history of disputes or disagreements between the parents, actually receiving court-ordered child support payments on time and without coercion is often impossible. Short of going back to family court to seek a contempt ruling, there are a few things that parents can do to ensure that child support payments are made on time and without drama.

Alleged domestic violence leads to suicide for reality husband

Russell Armstrong, the husband of Taylor Armstrong, one of the cast members of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," reportedly committed suicide earlier this week after repeated public allegations that he abused his wife and multiple reports of financial fraud and other difficulties.

Don't let divorce ruin your credit rating

When a divorcing couple agrees on a settlement, or when a judge makes a divorce ruling, the joint debts of the party are often split as fairly and evenly as possible, depending on the other elements of the dissolution and each party's individual and joint financial situation. Therefore, one spouse may be required to pay the Visa bill, while the other spouse pays the MasterCard. One spouse makes the car payment, while the other pays the cable bill.

Supermodel requests $46,000 in monthly child support

In recent weeks, supermodel Linda Evangelista has dropped several bombshells. First, she revealed that the father of her son is Francois Henri-Pinault, the wealthy CEO of a luxury fashion brand conglomerate and the husband of actress Salma Hayek. Then, she filed a motion in family court, requesting an exorbitant amount in child support from Pinault: $46,000 per month. If her request is granted, it will be one of the highest child support awards in U.S. history.

Retirement plans don't automatically change with divorce

When a couple is married, they likely don't give a second thought to the beneficiaries of their 401(k)s and other retirement accounts, and for good reason: unless otherwise specified, a spouse is usually the beneficiary of retirement funds. However, when a couple obtains a divorce, many are unaware that this designation does not automatically change, even if a court has ordered the retirement funds divided a certain way in the property settlement.

Ex-wife accused of plotting DUI sting to sway child custody case

After being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, a man has accused his ex-wife of setting up the events leading up to the alleged drunk driving in an effort to sway the court's opinion of him during their ongoing child custody court battle. The ex-wife denies that she plotted the sting, but did admit that a private investigator she hired to scrutinize her ex-husband's drinking habits was behind the DUI.