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December 2011 Archives

Infidelity motivates 99-year-old man to file for divorce

What would you do if you found out that your spouse had cheated on you? Would there be certain variables within the infidelity that would help you make the decision on whether to stay with your spouse or end your marriage? For many Las Vegas couples, the length of time that has elapsed since the infidelity may make a significant difference in the decision of whether or not to divorce. So what if the affair happened more than 50 years ago?

How to get the child support you're owed

Earlier this month, we reported on the recent U.S. Census Bureau data which revealed that less than half of custodial parents receive the full amount of child support that is owed to them by their children's other parents. Approximately one-fourth of parents receive any child support, despite family court orders directing them to may payments. Although there is no such data regarding spousal support, the statistics are likely very similar, if not worse.

Divorce is a staple of Time's top 10 marriage stories of 2011

Earlier this month, as part of its annual "Top 10 Everything" list, Time Magazine created a list of its top 10 marriage stories of 2011. A few happy tales made the top 10, such as the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. But unsurprisingly, many of the top 10 had more to do with divorce than with marriage.

In a difficult economy, divorce may not be an option

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, many American families found themselves under incredible pressure as they struggled to make ends meet, and as a result, marriages began to fracture. Surprisingly, the divorce rate did not increase. Just the opposite happened, actually: the divorce rate dropped. And during what many economists have labeled the "Great Recession," the same thing happened. More and more couples were driven to the brink of separation, but fewer actually divorced.

Number of married Americans hits record low (2)

Earlier this week, we began a discussion of the steady decline in married adults in Nevada and throughout the U.S. Currently, 51 percent of adults over the age of 17 are married in the U.S., and experts believe that number will only continue to drop in the coming years. The marriage rate has similarly declined in other industrialized countries throughout the world.

Number of married Americans hits record low (1)

According to a new report from the Pew Research Center, the number of married people in the U.S. has reached an all-time low, and just over half of American adults are currently married. At the same time, the median age of first marriage is the highest it has ever been for both men and women, indicating major shifts in societal views of marriage and its importance.

Poker champ's ex-wife appeals Nevada divorce

In the coming weeks, the Nevada Supreme Court will hear the appeal of Luciaetta Ivey, the ex-wife of well-known poker champ Phil Ivey. In her appeal, Luciaetta will allegedly show that her ex-husband had improper communication with the judge who oversaw the couple's Nevada divorce, which she claims created a conflict of interest that requires the divorce ruling to be thrown out.

Parents pushed below poverty line by lack of child support

In this dismal economy, it takes very little to push a family that is already on shaky financial ground over the edge into poverty. According to a recent report from the United States Census Bureau, one occurrence that has unfortunately become quite common is responsible for many parents falling below the poverty line in Nevada and throughout the U.S.

Police retake custody of singer's son

After a days-long search by law enforcement authorities in multiple states, the 5-year-old son of country singer Mindy McCready is back in the custody of his grandmother. According to police reports, McCready took her son during a court-approved visit late last month. She then reportedly sent text messages to several members of her family and even made a statement to the press, stating that she would not be returning him to his grandmother as is ordered by the child custody arrangement.

Mediation may make divorce more affordable

Recent statistics indicate that the divorce rate has dropped slightly in recent years, which is unusual. Generally, during economic downturns and other stressful times the divorce rate increases as financial difficulties place intense pressure on married couples. But this has not been the case during the most recent recession, and family law experts believe that there is one simple explanation: couples can no longer afford to get divorced.