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May 2012 Archives

End your marriage at the "divorce hotel"

What if you could complete the legal process of divorce in one quick and easy weekend? Certainly, many Las Vegas couples would be overjoyed if that were the case. Well, that may soon be a reality: the "divorce hotel" will likely come to the United States within the next few months.

Should custody plans be more child-focused?

Last week, we wrote about the potential benefits of a divorce for children, including happier parents and healthier models of respectful, functional relationships. But what happens when the divorce comes with a child custody and parenting time agreement that does not take the child's wants and needs into account? Is it possible that any possible benefits of the split could be completely outweighed by those negatives?

Could your divorce benefit your kids?

Throughout the world of divorce, there is one pervasive message that strikes fear, guilt and regret into the hearts of divorcing parents in Las Vegas and throughout the country: divorce is harmful for children. While this is certainly true in some situations, it is not a hard and fast rule. In fact, divorce may actually benefit some children, according to psychologist and author Dr. Shoshanna Bennett.

Has the divorce rate dropped?

In the 1970s, the rate of divorce skyrocketed in Las Vegas and throughout the U.S., due largely to changing societal views and pressures. Specifically, women left the home and entered the workforce in huge numbers, and their resulting financial independence gave many women the ability to leave marriages that were not working. That divorce 'boom' persisted throughout the decade, and many believe that it continued in the years since, resulting in the 50 percent divorce rate that statistics indicate is still in existence.

After divorce, who gets the engagement ring?

Although Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were only married for 72 days, their divorce process has already dragged on for more than six months, with no end in sight. In fact, their next family court appearance isn't scheduled until August.

Could legal separation ensure continuation of insurance coverage?

As Las Vegas couples move through the process of divorce, it is easy to overlook many details that seem fairly inconsequential at the time but which, if overlooked, could result in significant trouble down the road. One of these commonly-overlooked details is health insurance. Under most employer-provided insurance policies, the finalization of a divorce means the end of insurance coverage for the non-employee spouse.

Divorce auction may be the answer to property division dilemma

During a divorce, one of the most common arguments among the soon-to-be-ex-spouses is how to divide up personal belongings. These are not necessarily the big-ticket items, but objects with a lower worth but possibly more sentimental value, such as artwork, home furnishings and other items that the couple purchased together during their marriage. On the flip side, there are also many situations in which neither spouse wants to take anything from the marital home, seeing those goods as a reminder of their failed marriage and choosing to start fresh instead.