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October 2012 Archives

What if your ex refuses to grant parenting time?

There are many Las Vegas divorce cases in which one or both spouses fails to comply with some provision of the divorce order. Often, these failures are relatively minor and inconsequential, such as the refusal to hand over a personal belonging or a single, accidental missed payment. But what happens if one spouse willingly refuses to comply with an important aspect of the divorce decree, such as child support or child custody?

How adult children can help boomer parents through divorce

According to a recent study, about one out of three members of the baby boomer generation is unmarried, and 60 percent of that number is divorced. In fact, the divorce rate for people over 50 has doubled since 1990, and it is likely to continue to rise in the coming years. Even if it remains stable, however, the number of divorced people over 50 will increase by at least one-third in the next 20 years, due to the projected growth rate of that demographic.

Money puts Kutcher-Moore divorce on hold

It was nearly one year ago that we wrote about the separation of actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. At the time, neither spouse had actually filed for divorce, but we speculated that Moore would do so in the very near future. You can read more about their split, including statements m each spouse, in our earlier Las Vegas divorce law blog post.

Does stepfamily remain family after divorce?

Unlike most other areas of family law, there are very few statistics about stepfamilies, and no real information about how many of them exist and how they interact. As such, there exists no concrete data about the number of stepfamilies that are divided by divorce and whether they maintain their familial relationship after the split.

Las Vegas women celebrate singlehood with divorce parties

It was not too long ago that divorce was an incredibly shameful, humiliating event that caused the divorcing spouses - more often the wife than the husband - to become the subject of heated gossip and socially exiled. But that is not the case anymore in Las Vegas and most other parts of the country. Today, with a divorce rate that has been near 50 percent for several years, the ending of a marriage is no longer necessarily seen as a negative thing.

Should a surrogate mother have custody rights?

Earlier this year, a woman gave birth to a set of twins. Soon after the boy and girl were born, however, she was told that she had no custody rights to them. Now, she is only allowed to visit the twins for a short time each day, and she has filed a family court motion seeking more.

Is it possible to break a prenup?

In recent months, we have written several posts on our Las Vegas family law blog about the benefits and requirements of prenuptial agreements that dictate how a couple will divide their assets and handle other common family law issues should their marriage end in divorce. For example, some of our recent blog posts detail the benefits of prenuptial agreements and discuss how postnuptial agreements are on the rise in Nevada and throughout the United States.

Are very young children affected by divorce?

If you and your spouse are deciding whether to divorce, there is probably one factor that is playing into your decision more than any other: your children and the potential effects of a divorce on them. Many Las Vegas parents are encouraged, however, by the common belief that very young children probably will not remember the details of a divorce, and will therefore most likely be less affected. But is this really the case?

Dividing friends in divorce

When your divorce becomes final, the divorce settlement or decree will detail how you and your former spouse should divide everything you owned jointly, from children to pets to real estate and personal property. However, that decree will not contain any instructions or advice on how to divide friends and others to whom you were close prior to the split, leaving it up to the now-divorced couple to navigate that particular challenge.