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November 2012 Archives

Do disabled parents have a custody disadvantage? (2)

In our previous blog post, we discussed a new report from the National Council on Disability, an independent federal agency, which states that disabled parents have a high likelihood of losing custody of their children based solely on their disability. In one of many startling statistics, the report states that as many as 80 percent of parents who suffer from psychiatric or intellectual disabilities lose custody of their kids.

Do disabled parents have a custody disadvantage? (1)

It is estimated that more than 6 million children in Las Vegas and throughout the United States have disabled parents. Certainly, these families face unique challenges as they navigate everyday life, many of which require considerable creativity and adaptability to overcome.

Divorce causes loss of health insurance for Nevada women

A new divorce study has found that a startlingly large number of women lose their private health insurance coverage every year after divorcing their husbands. Although women who do not work or who hold one or more part-time jobs are generally more likely to become uninsured after divorce, women who work full-time and hold their own employer-provided health insurance coverage are not immune.

What happens if your spouse hides assets during divorce?

Even if your divorce case seems simple at the outset, it can easily get very complicated in a very short period of time. One possible reason for this sudden complication is when one or both spouses are not completely truthful about their assets and their individual financial situation.

Do companies have a duty to help employees through divorce?

When an employee is going through a divorce, he or she may find it near-impossible to come to work every day and perform at the same level as before the split took place. The most obvious reason for this is the many obligations and time commitments that come with divorce, such as meetings with family law attorneys, court appearances, mediation and counseling sessions and the like. But it is the emotional, financial and logistical challenges of a divorce than are often the most taxing and distracting.

A custody primer for Las Vegas parents, part two

Earlier this week, we began a brief overview of the different subcategories within child custody and the terminology that describes each. In our last Las Vegas family law blog post, we discussed physical custody, which dictates where a child will live after his or her parents separate or divorce.

A custody primer for Las Vegas parents, part one

If you have recently started the legal divorce process, you may be confused by the new legal terminology that you must now master - or at least understand. This is perhaps the most common among Las Vegas parents who are working to reach a child custody agreement. Learning and remembering the difference between physical and legal custody, joint and sole custody, visitation and a parenting plan...it can all be very overwhelming, to say the least.

Should you hire a vocational expert to help you through divorce?

In today's troubled economy, many Las Vegas parents have lost their jobs, have been unemployed for a significant period of time or have been forced to take jobs that pay significantly less than they earned in their previous positions. With parents out of work and barely able to make ends meet, it makes sense that Nevada family court judges are hesitant to order them to make high child support and alimony payments.