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December 2012 Archives

Does federal law make it harder to obtain credit after divorce?

When a couple is preparing for divorce, it is generally recommended that each spouse open a credit card in their own name only, in order to begin (or continue) building credit and improve their credit score. Unfortunately, a federal law that was passed in the wake of the recent economic recession may make this impossible for some spouses, especially those who do not have a steady income and rely on their spouse to pay the bills.

Sesame Street aims to help kids cope with divorce

When young children are going through a divorce, it is not uncommon for them to feel sad, confused, angry, hurt or any combination of emotions. Unfortunately, aside from siblings, there are rarely any sources of support and understanding that are their age and experiencing exactly what they are. Further, there are relatively few child-oriented books, television programs or movies aimed at helping children understand and cope with divorce.

Divorce rate hits all-time high in Brazil

As a largely Catholic country, the Brazilian government has historically been tough on divorce. Under the country's family laws, couples who wished to divorce in Brazil were required to live separately with the approval of a judge before they could file for and be granted a divorce. These restrictive laws resulted in Brazil having some of the lowest divorce rates in the world for many years.

Prenatal paternity test may soon be available in Las Vegas

Historically (and currently), the paternity of a child can only be conclusively determined after the child is born. Soon, however, that may no longer be the case. Researchers are working on a new prenatal paternity test which, if it becomes widely available in Las Vegas and throughout the U.S., could significantly change the process of - and mindset around - paternity testing.

Family court judge makes unique child support order

About 10 years ago, a state supreme court ruled that it was permissible for a family court judge in the state to forbid a parent from having any more children until he could show that he was able to financially support all of his children. That order did not violate the parent's constitutional right to procreate, the court stated in its ruling, because it was not preventing the parent from having children. It was merely requiring the parent to make all court-ordered child support payments before having any more kids.

How can you prove that your spouse is hiding assets?

Last month, we offered advice on what divorcing spouses should do if they believed that their soon-to-be ex-spouse was hiding assets. In that divorce blog post, we reported that nearly one-third of adults admitted to lying to their husband or wife about money, and that almost two-thirds have actually hidden money from their spouse.