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March 2013 Archives

Should you be the first to file for divorce?

There are a lot of complex legal questions to ask once it becomes clear that a marriage is over. Among these questions is whether it is important or necessary to try to be the first spouse to file for the divorce. While some people don't have this opportunity because a spouse may file without warning, others may get a sense that the end is approaching and can take some time to consider if they would like to commence the action or wait for their spouse to commence it.

Even without a legal marriage, divorce problems can still arise

Many Las Vegas readers have probably noticed the trend without reading any of the new stories about - marriage is at an all-time low in the United States. Experts at the Pew Research Center put it simply, saying that instead of getting married, many young people are choosing cohabitation, single parenthood, or other types of nontraditional living arrangements.

Prenup voided after husband broke promise

Many family law attorneys here in Nevada and elsewhere can attest to the fact that it is very difficult to void a prenuptial agreement. In some cases it may be possible to render some of the terms of a prenup unenforceable, but it is very rare to have the contract thrown out entirely.

Demi Moore seeks spousal support from Kutcher

Demi Moore has filed a response to Ashton Kutcher's divorce filing in which she asks for significant spousal support and a portion of his earnings amassed while they were married. Mr. Kutcher entered the marriage with a lower net worth and less income than Ms. Moore, but has found increasing success in recent years which has included a long term television contract, endorsements, and successful investments in tech companies.

Bigamy allegations lead to small town mayor's resignation

Allegations that he is married to two women at the same time have led a small town mayor to resign from his job. Local media in the town where the man served found a complaint filed by the former mayor's second wife seeking an annulment for a marriage that they entered into about a month ago. There is no public record of a divorce between the mayor and his first wife with whom he has four children, indicating that he was attempting to be legally married to two women at once.

Las Vegas among the top for marriages, divorces

While Las Vegas may be known to more readers as the marriage capital of the country, the truth is that it ranks among the top cities for divorces as well. The stereotype for a Las Vegas marriage is a last-minute, impulse decision that people make in the midst of the excitement of a vacation, which would also mean that many of the couples married here do not actually live in Las Vegas. However, there are a variety of factors that influence where a couple files for divorce, and the location of the marriage itself may be a deciding factor if the each spouse lives in a different state.

Dishonest dating site information may backfire in divorce cases

Las Vegas residents have likely heard the saying "what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas" far too many times, yet the same could be said about the Internet. Oftentimes, what happens on the Internet truly stays on the Internet, and that information could eventually be used as evidence in a divorce case.