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May 2013 Archives

Prenups - a warning sign or a smart financial decision?

prenuptial agreements can be the source of serious controversy for couples who are planning to get married. Some see the agreements as a necessary first step in a life of prudent financial planning, while others view prenups as an anti-romantic plan for divorce.

Committed couple cannot live together under divorce morality clause

A committed same-sex couple cannot live together any longer under a morality clause in one of the women's divorce decrees. A state judge recently ordered the couple to cease cohabitating because one of the women has a child custody agreement that is bound by a morality clause. 

Higher divorce rates accompany improving Nevada housing market

As we've discussed in the past on this blog, family finances play a big role in the state of a marriage, whether we like it or not. Couples vow to love each other and stay together for richer or poorer, but the reality is that during the poorer parts the financial struggle can take a toll on the relationship.

Who should pay alimony?

Many people think that the complex question of who should pay alimony has a simple answer - the spouse who earns more. A lot of Las Vegas readers also have the misconception that alimony is something that husbands pay to ex-wives, since traditional parenting roles and the wage gap have kept women earning less than their male counterparts. And, before women made up a large proportion of the workforce, alimony was often considered compensation for the job of raising children and managing the household.

What is the real cost of a child custody battle?

Determining child custody can be one of the most stressful and difficult parts of the divorce process. Of course, there are some rare cases where parents can see an obvious child custody arrangement based on relative work commitments, living situation, and economic resources. But, more often than not, both parents desperately want as much time with their child as possible, which can lead to a prolonged battle for what exactly that entails.

A window into NASCAR owner's finances through divorce filing

Information about the complex asset division that took place during the divorce of NASCAR chairman Brian France has recently become public. The documents from the 2007 divorce were unsealed by the court only recently, exposing previously private information to public scrutiny. NASCAR is a privately held company that Mr. France began leading after his father passed away in 2003. 

Municipal laws penalize domestic violence victims

The American Civil Liberties Union is challenging a municipal ordinance that has a negative impact on victims of domestic violence by encourging landlords to evict tenants who have had the police called three times within four months. If landlords do not evict those tenants then they face a fine from the city. While at first glance this doesn't seem like a problem - no one wants disorderly neighbors - the truth is that it often affects those who were not responsible for the disruptive conduct, but rather those who were victims of it.