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June 2013 Archives

Nevada divorce can result in mental and physical ailments

Divorce is stressful for everyone involved, and stress is rarely a good thing. For some Nevada residents, it can produce many negative side effects which can manifest as a host of physical symptoms. The fact that divorce can -- in some instances -- be a drawn-out process with unpredictable results means some stress is almost inevitable. However, there are ways of getting back on track to a healthy life after a divorce.

Strategies to protect a complex marital estate in Nevada

Nevada readers have likely seen news coverage of the announcement of a high-profile divorce between Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng. Murdoch, who at 82 years of age is the chief executive of News Corp., is worth an estimated $11.2 billion. With news of the divorce comes an onslaught of speculating as to how the eventual divorce settlement will affect the company and its many employees. For those in Nevada who have amassed a complex marital estate, the outcome of what is expected to be a very public divorce may provide a valuable lesson.

Child support reform may be needed in Nevada and elsewhere

After parents decide to divorce, there are many issues which must be dealt with, including property division and alimony. However, one of the most difficult areas to navigate is child support payments in Nevada or in any other state. Many legal experts and commentators believe this is due to child support laws that are not structured to provide incentive for parents to pay their court-ordered payments for their children. Even the President mentioned the need to reform child support laws in a recent speech he gave in mid-June.

Protect oneself during a Las Vegas divorce

The process of divorce can be trying on the emotions and the finances. In some cases, the dynamics of a relationship make the divorce process even more difficult. Las Vegas residents who are facing divorce, and feel their spouse may have a controlling personality, may be interested to learn that there are some guidelines for protecting oneself during a divorce.

Study reveals prevalence of domestic violence in relationships

Every day, families in Las Vegas are impacted by domestic violence. As a result of the physical and emotional pain caused by this kind of abuse, many people consider their options to protect themselves and loved ones. The intense, emotional nature of domestic violence cases often makes it one of the most complicated issues in the family law arena.

Insurance matters in a Nevada divorce process

During the course of a Nevada divorce, there are a great many seemingly minor details that require attention. Insurance issues are one such divorce topic, and are often overlooked by spouses who are eager to put an end to the process and move on with their newly single lives. However, failing to adequately handle insurance matters at the end of a marriage can have long-term ramifications that can bring serious financial harm.

Litigating a Nevada divorce can bring difficulties

When a Nevada couple wishes to end their marriage, there are a number of options available as to how to achieve that end. In some cases, spouses are able to work together in a collaborative manner to iron out the details of their divorce. Other couples use the services of a mediator to help them reach an agreement that is amenable to both parties. However, when these efforts are not productive or possible, many turn to litigation as the method to end their marriage.

Divorcing the dog: challenges of deciding on pet custody

Although it may sound relatively trivial, pet custody is a frequent topic in many divorce agreements. The most recent Census told us that over 70 percent of households in the United States have pets. With a steady divorce rate hovering around half of all marriages and many more breakups of unmarried couples who share a pet, pet custody is becoming a very real issue in many cases.

Does meeting online lower the chances of divorce?

A recent study suggests a slight difference in divorce rates among people who met online compared to those who met in person through friends, work, or in a social setting. The study surveyed 19,000 people who were married, about one-third of whom had met their spouse online through either a dating website or Facebook or other social media sites. The difference was slight, with just over 7 percent of couples who met offline getting a divorce compared with almost 6 percent of those who met online.