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After divorce, support and alimony orders are modifiable

When it comes to child support and spousal support or alimony, remember that flexibility is built into the system and nothing is guaranteed to continue the same forever. During the divorce and afterwards, child support can be paid in Nevada until a child reaches the age of 18. However, if an 18-year-old is still in high school, then the payments will likely continue until graduation. Beyond that, there is one major area that may keep parents financially strapped to an adult child: paying for a college education.

Charlie Sheen seeks child support modification

Here in Nevada, it is well known that when going through a divorce or separation where a child is involved, child support usually needs to be discussed and an agreement made. What factors affect the child support that someone is required to pay toward the care of their children? The parents' income, paternity and child custody can all make a difference in how much is required, or whether a specific payment is required at all.

Michael Moore files for divorce from wife -- millions at stake

Despite denying being in the top one percent of the American population in terms of wealth, Michael Moore has an estimated personal worth of $50 million. Most in Nevada will remember Moore for being an award-winning filmmaker. However, despite this success, the celebrity filmmaker was not successful in his marriage which caused him to file a divorce from his wife, which could put the couple's wealth at risk in a divorce settlement.

Grief plays a role in the average Nevada divorce

The process of ending a marriage can be stressful, and each Nevada couple has their own set of issues that color the process. However, many psychologists believe that grief plays a significant role in divorce. Acknowledging and understanding the ways that divorce mirrors the loss of a loved one can help spouses come to terms with the experience and move forward in their lives.

Nevada divorce: Once again, money is top reason for splits

There are many reasons why marriages end. However, there is one that stands above the rest -- the almighty dollar. A new study that couples in Nevada may take notice of says that arguing about money early on in a marriage is a predictor that there may not be a happy ending and the couple could divorce.

Divorce is an option that many take for granted

When a marriage becomes unsustainable, many Nevada spouses begin to consider the benefits of a divorce. While we may weigh the various outcomes when it comes to matters of property division or child custody, virtually all spouses today take for granted the very ability to end their marriage. In generations past, divorce was simply not an option for unhappy spouses, regardless of how badly the dissolution of a marriage was desired.

Visitation may be in to preserving parent/child bond in Nevada

Many parents of young children who are unhappy in their marriage believe that ending the union while the children are small is the best course of action. This is an understandable approach, as years spent in argument or other negative behavior patterns can surely influence a child's life. Recently released research, however, suggests that there may be a downside to early divorce, and that children whose parents split in the first few years of their childhood can suffer a poor parent/child bond later in life. The following custody and visitation advice is offered in the hope that Nevada parents can offset this risk through a mindful parenting approach.

When it is necessary to ask for a custody modification

For many Nevada parents, the transition into a co-parenting role in the months following a divorce can be difficult. When a family has been functioning in a certain manner for a period of time, any form of change can be a challenge. When parents begin living in different households and divide parenting time, there are bound to be a few bumps in the road. However, there are some circumstances in which the new arrangement is simply not workable, and when a child custody modification is the best solution.

10 mistakes Nevada couples make during divorce

The divorce process in Nevada is rarely easy to bear. It seems that there are a number of common mistakes many couples make one undergoing the divorce process, which can ultimately make the entire ordeal that much more difficult. There are ten specific things listed as pitfalls every divorcing couple should try to avoid.