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What are the most common concerns about Nevada divorce?

For Nevada couples who are considering divorce, there are a wide range of unknowns that can lead to high levels of stress. One recent study took a close look at the top concerns that people hold about the divorce process, and the results will be of little surprise to anyone who has gone through the stages of divorce. As with an significant life event, most people place the financial ramifications of divorce as their top concern.

Economic improvement often means a higher divorce rate

For many in Nevada, economic woes have led to a number of difficult lifestyle decisions. Some will stay in a job that they no longer find rewarding, just to maintain a steady paycheck or provide health benefits to their family. Others will make spending cuts within their household budget, and hope for an improved financial outlook. Some will even make the difficult decision to stay within a marriage that is no longer working rather than pursue divorce, simply because financial uncertainties make starting over as a single person seem like an unattainable goal.

Child custody matters can quickly become complicated

When a parent is unable to adequately provide for the care and safety of their child, family members often step in to help. This can be an excellent solution for all involved, and can give the struggling parent a chance to get back on track and regain full child custody rights of their child or children. Such an arrangement also keeps children out of the Nevada foster care system, and allows them to have a sense of security and continuity while in the care of close family members.

New Nevada program may benefit family law abuse issues

The implementation of a new Nevada program may benefit family law and those affected by domestic violence. This program has the potential to diffuse and even eradicate domestic violence situations before a family law case is started by either spouse. In divorce situations that involve domestic violence accusations, the research and training that this public program offers will potentially supply a greater pool of witnesses in court.

Khloe Kardashian reportedly seeking divorce filing

The struggles of a high-profile marriage between a noted reality television personality and an NBA star are no small feat to overcome. Nevada residents interested in celebrity gossip may have been keeping up with the tumultuous marriage of Khloe Kardashian to Lakers forward Lamar Odom, a marriage which appears to be spiralling toward divorce. The couple are apparently living apart and have been for weeks.

Important questions for a Nevada divorce attorney

For Nevada resident who are going through a divorce, the uncertainties of the process are one of the top sources of stress. Divorce can be unpredictable, and not knowing what to expect can lead both parties to experience high levels of tension and worry. One way that spouses can offset these uncertainties is to be honest and frank with their divorce attorney, and to make their expectations and goals clear at the onset of the divorce process.

Can mediation solve child custody disputes?

For many Nevada parents, ironing out the details of the care and custody of their shared children is the top priority within their divorce. Child custody matters are among the most contentious forms of family law, and lead many parents into lengthy and bitter court battles. It is important for parents to realize, however, that there is an alternative path to dispute resolution in the realm of divorce and child custody. For many, mediation offers a far superior method of working through differences and reaching an arrangement that all parties can accept.

Nevada property division: Rising home values may lead to divorce

When the housing market collapsed, so did the desires of many Nevada couples to get a divorce. Home values plummeted, and couples simply couldn't afford to get divorced. For some couples that did divorce, property division became a game of "hot potato" with neither party wanting to keep the house because the mortgage was underwater.