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October 2013 Archives

Working together could simplify divorce for some in Nevada

Just as no two weddings are exactly alike, each and every divorce will follow its own unique path. Not every divorce is plagued with fighting and bitterness. There are many Nevada couples who are able to work through the details of their split with minimal discord. These spouses are often able to see that they share the goal of ending the marriage with as little stress and expense as possible, and work together to make that goal a reality.

Fathers suffer emotional strain during divorce, too

American culture still hangs on to an image of manhood that is far from accurate. The belief that men are somehow impervious to emotional turmoil has seeped into every aspect of our social system. As a result, many men are ill-equipped to handle emotional challenges when they arise, which can lead to a dangerous risk to their overall health and well-being. Recent research suggests that divorce offers a particular challenge to many men in Nevada and across the nation.

Best way to prevent financial disaster in a Nevada divorce

For many engaged couples in Nevada, the very mention of a prenuptial agreement is enough to send shivers down their spines. Many hold the misconception that discussing the financial matters contained in a prenup is an indicator that the marriage is doomed to end in divorce. This is certainly not the case, and many savvy spouses have turned the matter into a chance to have an open and honest conversation with their soon-to-be-spouse about finances in general.

Who will get the home in a Nevada divorce?

For many Nevada couples, their home represents their largest investment. When a marriage ends, that investment is considered an asset, and will be subject to the property division process in the same way as all other assets. Couples have a wide range of options when it comes to dividing the value of their family home during a divorce, but it is important to understand the consequences of each choice before a final decision is made.

Child custody cases should consider narcissistic personalities

The enlightened approach toward custody nowadays is that there should be a shared parenting arrangement with roughly a 50-50 split in parental time for each parent. In most cases that may be not only a lofty goal but a necessary one in a child custody matter. However, in Nevada and countrywide there may be exceptions to the rule. One author, who has written a book called "Divorcing a Narcissist One Mom's Battle," claims in a Huffington Post article that the prevailing value shouldn't be applied where one or even both of the parents suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.

Tips for reducing the overall cost of a Nevada divorce

For many Nevada couples, the prospect of a divorce can quickly lead to feeling overwhelmed. In particular, uncertainties about the ultimate cost of a divorce can bring a great deal of stress to both parties, and can even lead some to postpone filing. However, it is important for spouses to understand that there are steps that can be taken to greatly reduce the overall cost of a divorce.

How Nevada couples can avoid property division problems

In many cases, divorces that turn ugly could have had a far better outcome, had the spouses only made different choices at the onset of the process. While it is always easier to see one's mistakes in hindsight, savvy spouses can benefit from the wisdom of those who have gone before. The following tips are given in the hopes that Nevada couples who are at the beginning of their divorce can avoid common property division problems that plague many within the state.

During divorce, when can funds be accessed?

Despite having made significant advances within the workplace, women often remain less financially empowered within their marriage, as compared to men. Even women within affluent Nevada families often have little knowledge of the nature of the family finances. While this may be a workable scenario during the course of a marriage, when a relationship ends in divorce it leaves the wife at a significant disadvantage.

Medical marijuana at center of child custody battle

Nevada parents understand the importance of spending time bonding with and caring for a new baby. The first year of a child's life is full of changes and developmental milestones, and is both exciting and stressful for new parents. For one family, the loss of their child custody rights has led to the removal of their six-month-old daughter, and the beginning of a custody battle that is likely to continue making headlines.