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November 2013 Archives

Carnegie Deli alleged recipe fraud prompts divorce action

Nevada couples may be fascinated by the report about divorce action taken by the owner of the famous Carnegie Deli. Marian Levine is the owner of the eatery in New York, boasting a huge following. Ms. Levine filed for divorce from her husband Sandy, to whom she had been married for 22 years.

Judge also glad to see settlement agreement in Murdoch divorce

Divorce in Nevada, as in any other state, can be a painful experience to go through; sometimes, however, it is necessary to end a marriage that is not working. It is not unusual for the issues that arise during a divorce to be time-consuming, exasperating and traumatic for both spouses and their children. Even the judge said that she was glad when Rupert Murdoch and his wife of 14 years, Wendi Deng Murdoch, announced that they had managed to reach a settlement in their divorce.

Couples must be objective about pet custody in divorce

When a Nevada marriage is coming to an end, spouses have to communicate on a wide range of issues. While child custody and property division are often the primary divorce concerns, many in Nevada are also worried about how to handle the matter of shared pets. When both spouses want to keep a beloved dog or cat, the matter can quickly become highly contended.

The holidays can be special for your child even after divorce

Divorced or separated parents in Nevada and elsewhere may be awaiting the holidays in anticipation. This is usually a demanding time, particularly when children are involved. It becomes a challenge to divide the time or make a schedule to accommodate the ex-spouse and his or her extended family. After a divorce, parents should make an effort to make the significance of the holidays the focal point. All too often, parents focus on outdoing each other with gifts for the children.

Obamacare: advantage in divorce and disadvantage in marriage?

Many married couples in Nevada are realizing that the "Obamacare" program may hurt their marriages. When studying the program, it becomes clear that they could be better off, financially, to divorce rather than to stay married. In the current economic situation in the U.S., couples are paying close attention to various expenses, like their health care insurance.

Charlie Sheen's divorce nightmare continues

Parents in Nevada may be wise to expand their knowledge about options available when deciding the fate of their children after divorce. The brother of Brooke Mueller -- Charlie Sheen's former wife -- has taken on the responsibility of child custody after the high-profile couple's divorce. Their guardian, the actress Denise Richards, had been appointed as their guardian until recently.

Family law: breaking the silence of domestic violence

Domestic violence occurs when one person behaves in a controlling way to gain power or control over another. The silence on this aspect of family law needs to be broken, and the residents of Nevada and other states may be wise to expand their knowledge of domestic violence. There is typically a behavioral pattern shown by the controller. More often than not, it happens between intimate partners and is of a physical nature, but can also be non-physical.

The possible solution to some divorce pitfalls

Going through a divorce can be upsetting and can be the cause of financial and emotional ruin. In Nevada, as in other states, it can be particularly demanding for the spouse earning the lower income -- more often than not the woman. Fortunately, there are ways to curtail the negative effects a divorce can have on one's bank account.

Celebrity divorce done with respect and dignity

Residents of Nevada have the option to end their marriage every day. This decision usually does not end up on the front page news, though. The divorces that typically get media attention are those of celebrities. With every detail being out in the open, it is always important to handle a divorce with caution and respect for the other party involved.