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December 2013 Archives

Joint child custody gives both parents quality time with children

In years gone by it was the norm in most divorce cases for the mother to get custody of the children. Fathers typically did not receive child custody, but only alternate weekend visitations and monthly child support responsibilities, while mothers were expected to take care of all the children's non-financial needs. Fathers in Nevada who are going through a divorce may find that the courts have finally recognized the need children have for love and attention from both mother and father.

Drug support programs may help to regain child custody

Once caught in the terrifying net of drug abuse, the consequences can affect the rest of one's life. The worst case scenario is losing child custody and having to part with one's children due to a habit that got out of hand. Parents in Nevada may be interested to read about two mothers, of different generations, who took steps to overcome their drug addictions and regain custody of their children.

Missing children: Mother ignored joint custody arrangement

The sheriff's office in Douglas County recently announced that two kids are missing. Their mother apparently failed to bring her two children to a Nevada court on a designated date and time to hand them over to the father pursuant to the visitation terms of a court order. The parents have joint custody of the two children, aged five and two and are said to have had continuous problems regarding child custody.

Mom gives birth in another state to avoid custody claim of father

Many Nevada readers have likely heard of the ongoing custody battle playing out in two nearby states. A father, who had been struggling for custody since before the birth of his 6-year-old daughter, may soon get the results that he had been hoping for. Two years ago, he won the first part of his battle when a court in the state where his daughter is residing, acknowledged that he should have been afforded a right to be heard in the adoption of his daughter. The court ruled then that he would be allowed to visit his daughter once a month.

Bill is a step forward in international child custody issues

Nevada readers have likely heard of a few child custody cases in recent years in which one parent took the children out of the country without the other parent's consent. Sadly, it is often difficult for the parent who is left behind to get any visitation or custody rights, since other countries do not have to honor court orders issued here in the United States. Recently, a bill was introduced in the House that is intended to improve diplomatic negotiations in international child custody matters.

The implications of student loans in divorce proceedings

When a young student couple gets married in Nevada, they may be interested to know whether a student loan of one spouse becomes the responsibility of both. Divorce may be the furthest thing from the minds of the young couple. However, one spouse's student loan may have implications should they file for divorce.

Divorce of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher finally official

Couples in Nevada who are experiencing irreconcilable differences in their marriage may be interested to learn that this also happens to high-profile couples in other states. When there is absolutely no possibility that a situation will change, couples may agree that it is time to file for divorce and move on. Back in Nov. 2011, Demi Moore initially made public the fact that she intended to leave her husband, Ashton Kutcher.

Court awards child support modification to Ying Yang Twin

In the current economic climate, divorced couples in Nevada may find themselves in a situation where a noncustodial parent can no longer afford to meet their commitments. One of these commitments may be the payment of the obligated amount of child support. They may be interested to see that this problem also exists for high-profile couples. The financial circumstances of many people have changed due to the recession.