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February 2014 Archives

Divorce timing could yield big Social Security reward

For couples in Nevada who are preparing to divorce, the timing of their filing can make a great deal of difference in the eventual outcome. This is especially true in regard to one's Social Security benefits, and how the benefits earned by a spouse could come into play during retirement. It is well worth the time and effort to research the issue in more depth before moving forward with a divorce.

Nevada parents can make telling children about a divorce easier

Telling a child that their parent's marriage is coming to an end can be both emotionally and verbally difficult. Going through a divorce in Nevada can sometimes be more difficult when there are children involved. Making sure that the children are informed and that they understand the situation correctly can make the whole ordeal, at least somewhat, less chaotic for everyone involved.

Considering equal-time child custody arrangements in Nevada

Divorces typically come with conflict, ranging from minimal to extreme. When children are involved, the process can become increasingly complicated. Child custody battles in Nevada, like those in other states, can cause great emotional stress on both the children and the parents. Deciding on the best custody arrangement for all involved is a serious and difficult task.

Can technology lend a hand with child support issues?

Paying alimony after a divorce is one of the leading issues of disagreeable behavior among exes. Whether individuals may be looking to collect child support or prevent unmanageable support obligations, seeking the best expertise in the process can determine the success of the outcome. Nevada spouses can find resolution and focus on the well-being of their children in the face of divorce. Recently, an entrepreneur created an online service to help ease the pressure between divorced parents and aid in child support issues.

Divorce can impact taxes for Nevada couples

There are two unpleasant realities for some people to face as they grow older. Those realities that are so unwelcome for many people are taxes and divorce; and they can be especially challenging when they need to be considered in conjunction with each other. It is essential for Nevada couples who are going through a divorce to know how that process can affect taxes and the chances of getting audited.

Being armed with information may help Nevada divorce seekers

Any kind of life change can be intimidating, especially if it is unexpected or unwanted. For those going through a divorce in Nevada, the more information they have about the process and the laws pertaining to assets, the smoother the process may be. Finances can be an area of great concern when it comes to divorce.

Child custody likely to receive attention in Josh Lucas divorce

In a typical day, kids' worries might include getting to the right school bus on time, not getting chocolate milk in the school cafeteria or not getting an "A" on the most recent spelling test. Adjusting to a completely new home life following their parents' divorce adds an entirely new level of stress to the lives of young children. They may be particularly worried about losing the opportunity to spend quality time with one parent if the other parent ends up being awarded primary custody. However, a court in Nevada ultimately must make its child custody decisions based on its perception of the children's best interests.

Economy and divorce rates may be closely connected

The nationwide recession over the last few years has affected everything from retail sales to the divorce rate. In fact, a newly released study has determined that as the economy recovers, the divorce rate may actually be increasing as well. Nevada residents, especially those who have been waiting to begin the divorce process, may be interested to know how the two are connected.

The idea of divorce may be hard for some Nevada spouses to hear

The process of divorce can be incredibly challenging mentally, emotionally, financially and even physically. When children are involved, their best interests have to be taken into consideration, which typically adds to the level of stress. Couples in Nevada have to deal with each of these problems as they go through a divorce. Losing or leaving one's spouse is not an event to take lightly.