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April 2014 Archives

Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson files for divorce

The National Football League’s offseason carries with it a great deal of intrigue. After the Super Bowl Champion is crowned, questions and stories abound about a particular team’s draft needs and free agency signings. Then comes offseason training activities (OTAs) and the annual draft. During these times, the public may not follow players very closely, but life certainly goes on for those who prepare for the upcoming season. This means that they may get married, have children and may get divorced without the public learning about it. 

'Scandal' star to deal with restraining order, divorce petition

In the midst of a divorce or a child custody dispute, accusations of domestic violence can be troubling obstacles that can derail one’s chances of having a fair division of assets or regular, unsupervised parenting time. For Nevada family court judges, domestic violence is an unpredictable, yet unacceptable way for adults to conduct themselves. As such, they take the imposition of protective orders very seriously.

Watch what you say in divorce proceedings

In high asset divorces, it comes as no surprise the lengths that divorcing parties go to harm each other. They may lodge disparaging comments against each other and may even attempt to sabotage property meant to be divided. However, the consequences seem to be lost on them. We find it appropriate to highlight a story where badmouthing cost a divorcing party a substantial amount of money.

Another reason why child support is expensive

It may go without saying that child support is expensive; but it certainly makes sense given that raising children is quite costly. From diapers and formula to clothes and transportation, the little, seemingly inconsequential costs add up, and this is before the child begins kindergarten.

Social media traps to avoid during divorce

Social media has become so pervasive that it is commonplace for people to share intimate moments of their lives with others over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While this makes for interesting topics of discussion, it could be also lead to disaster; especially for people going through child custody disputes.

Co-parenting apps that can come in handy for divorcees

The famous phrase “there’s an app for that” has made its way into post divorce parenting. It seems obvious that smartphone apps would be ideal for parents who are making their way through their new lives while trying to get along and have a working relationship, but many newly divorced or separated parents do not use them.

How to prepare for tax time during divorce

In a prior post, we presented a post on basic tax questions to ask your attorney as you prepare for divorce. With the federal income tax filing deadline just under two weeks away (April 15), we find it appropriate to revisit tax issues. A recent Forbes article highlighted some important points for potential divorcees to consider, especially women who are stay-at-home moms; even though the advice could be applicable to both men and women.

Helpful and protective steps for finances during divorce

Most people getting divorced have two primary fears: how much time will they be able to spend with their kids (for those who have children), and how much will the divorce cost. The cost question has just as much to do with how much debt they will be liable for as it will pertain to how much they will continue to pay through spousal support.