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May 2014 Archives

How to make your divorce and post-decree life easier

If you’re going through a divorce, getting unsolicited advice is just part of the process. You may get tired of random recommendations and opinions, but it is best to treat them as well wishes and draw your own conclusions. After all, every divorce is different, and chances are that the people who are giving you advice do not know everything you are dealing with. 

Summer custody disputes that a judge may not resolve

With Memorial Day passing, kids are likely itching for the last days of school to be over so that summer vacation can begin. For children of divorced parents, it may mark a transition where non-custodial parents will begin to spend a great deal of time with their children. This may create some disputes over parenting time and exchanges, as well as paying for what the kids will be doing over the summer.

Why more divorcees may consider prenups

If you have noticed the increase in advertisements for Internet dating sites for baby boomers and other older Americans, you are probably not alone. The number of divorces involving older Americans, dubbed “gray divorces” have increased over the last two decades. This means that the number of “gray romances” has also increased.

Landmark ruling allows Jason Patric to continue custody fight

A California appellate court recently ruled in favor of Jason Patric; thus allowing him to continue his fight to seek custody of his 4-year-old son Gus that he conceived with ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber. The baby was conceived using in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and the facts of the case make it an interesting discussion on the limits that putative fathers have in establishing custody and parenting time.

Legal fight brewing between Sherri Shepherd and her husband

Comedian and co-host of “The View” Sherri Shepherd and her husband, Lamar Sally, have announced that they have separated. According to several media accounts, Sally filed for legal separation last week. The pleadings indicate that the couple is expecting a baby boy in July which will be born through a surrogate.  Sally and Shepherd have been married since 2011.

Best wishes for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day should be special for all moms; new mothers who are doing the best they can, moms who do everything around the house, as well as matriarchs who are the backbone of the families they support. However, mothers who are going through divorces, as well as those who are dealing with custody issues are can be forgotten. If not forgotten, they may not receive the support and appreciation they should receive on such a special day.

Advice for men going through divorce

Some men tend to shy away from advice during divorce. After all, men are stereotyped into not having feelings, being absent fathers and greedy people who don’t want to give up anything. However, most stereotypes can be debunked, and those involving divorcing men are no different. The reality is that men deal with emotional pain just like women do, and it is prudent for them to seek (and take) advice when getting divorced. This post will identify some helpful tips for men who are going through the process.

Connection found between depression and marital stress

If you ever thought that there was a connection between depression and divorce, you certainly would not be alone. This notion is based on how unhappy people are hard to deal with. Because of this, they ostensibly have a hard time maintaining long-term relationships.

Non-custodial dad wins tax court fight with IRS

In a prior post, we highlighted what divorcees should do in preparation for annual tax filings. Part of it included understanding one’s tax filing status (i.e. single or married) as well as what the tax basis would be on acquisitions, through settlement agreements or maintenance awards. However, we did not discuss the child tax credit, and we would like to do so here, while highlighting an important controversy regarding the ability of a non-custodial parent to claim it.