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June 2014 Archives

How to avoid parenting time disputes over the 4th of July holiday

 The Independence Day holiday is coming next week. This means that family barbeques and fireworks celebrations are going to be part of the many activities that families in Las Vegas will be taking part in. With the holiday falling on a Friday, it will be a much-anticipated three day weekend.

Parenting issues that courts may avoid

It’s tough co-parenting with someone you can’t stand. If the other parent has different religious values or parenting styles, it can be nerve wracking to hear about how the kids have been disciplined, or how they have eaten foods that you have forbidden them to eat. Even more disappointing is having to deal with a parent who insists on not being flexible and insistent in their ways despite your pleas for understanding.

How divorcing parents can answer kids' questions

Explaining why parents are splitting up, and how the living arrangements will work are often difficult topics to discuss with children. They are often the last to know because parents sometimes don’t know the answers to the tough questions, and they don’t want to break the hearts of those who depend on them. Also they may be afraid of how the children will react; will they withdraw further or come to resent their parents for not working things out.

Deadly sins to avoid in co-parenting disputes

We hope all of our readers had a wonderful Father’s Day. For many kids, it may just feel like another day with day, but it is much more than that. It is a celebration of the tangible and intangible things that fathers give.  Also, with the Fourth of July holiday on the horizon, it is also an opportunity to remind divorced parents of some of the seven deadly sins that they should avoid in planning for the holiday, as defined by a recent HuffingtonPost.com article.

Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry reach child support accord

The notion that mothers never pay child support was debunked once again. Last week, Halle Berry and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry reached an agreement regarding their long-standing dispute over child support. According to numerous media reports, Berry will pay Aubry $16,000 per month in child support to defray the costs he will incur in raising their 6-year-old daughter. Berry will also be responsible for tuition costs for the child and will pay for Aubry’s attorney’s fees, which are reportedly $300,000.

The worst times to call your marriage quits

 While June through October is typically dubbed wedding season, January through March is commonly seen as divorce season. Indeed, couples may see the warm weather as a benefit (except in Nevada). And divorces follow in line with many New Year’s resolutions. However, just like there are inopportune times to get married, there are times where it may not fit a person’s best interests to call a marriage quits.

The relationship between Facebook use and divorce rates

 In a prior post, we warned our readers about the problems that social media can create (and make worse) during a divorce or child custody proceedings. While we want to remind our readers of the issues that can come about, we have also found that there is new scientific information suggesting that social media (particularly Facebook) could actually lead to marital problems.