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July 2014 Archives

Owner of hedge fund firm Citadel files for divorce

Individuals in Las Vegas who possess many assets and are considering divorce might find themselves in a similar situation to that of hedge fund firm owner Kenneth C. Griffin and his wife Anne Dias Griffin. Filing for divorce after 11 years, the couple owns numerous assets including an extensive art collection.

Changes in domestic violence laws over the years

In Las Vegas and elsewhere in the U.S., laws regarding domestic violence have changed a great deal over the years. Although the United States has always recognized domestic violence as morally wrong, its courts and public perception have taken a long time to catch up. In the 1600s, Massachusetts had a law on the books stating that husbands could not abuse their wives; 200 years later, a 19th century North Carolina court reportedly reversed the divorce and alimony of an abused woman.

Contentious Moore divorce set to be finalized

Nevada residents may be interested to learn that filmmaker Michael Moore and his wife, Kathy Glynn, are about to finalize their divotce. The couple has been married for 22 years, but they dated for nine years before tying the knot. They have no children together. Glynn has a daughter from a previous relationship. Early in Moore's career, Glynn worked as a producer on his films, however, she stopped in 2004. Moore claims that she moved out of their apartment the same year, but court documents also put the split at 2010 and 2013.

The role of social media in child support disputes

When two people in Nevada decide to have a child, there is an expectation that they will support that child. If the parents subsequently divorce, one may gain custody of the children while the courts may order the non-custodial parent to pay a set amount of child support every month. Some parents are diligent about making their payments, but others neglect to send any financial support to their children.

Retirement a top consideration for divorce later in life

In Nevada, and all over the United States, older couples now divorce at higher rates than in the past. Many consider their home the largest asset in their marital estate, yet when couples divorce later in life, the assets they hold for retirement may be far more substantial.

How best to deal with missed parenting time

The Fourth of July weekend holiday is quickly approaching. Many people are making a four day weekend out of the holiday. For divorced and separated parents, this could be a tricky time, especially when there is parenting time to be had and the other parent is hardly reliable when it comes to exchanges.