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August 2014 Archives

Neil Young files for divorce in California court

Singer Neil Young filed a petition to dissolve his marriage to Pegi Young on July 29 in San Mateo, California. The couple had been married for 36 years and Mrs. Young frequently collaborated on his songs. A hearing regarding the divorce request is scheduled for Dec. 12. The couple has one son, and there was no word as to whether spousal or child support for either party was being sought in the case.

Important child support information for Clark County residents

In dealing with raising a child on one's own, support issues can be significant in determining how well a parent can care for that juvenile. The circumstances resulting in the need for support may be varied, but the typical route for a parent to initiate a support case in Clark County, Nevada, is by application through the Family Support Division. Information to be provided includes the name, date of birth and Social Security number of the individual who is expected to pay child support. That individual's current residential and employment information should also be supplied along with addresses and names of their friends and family members.

Money mistakes to avoid during divorce

While Nevada individuals might be in a hurry to finalize the divorce process, rushing through the financial aspects of divorce can be costly in the long run. Learning to avoid a few mistakes that individuals sometimes make regarding finances during divorce can make the whole process run more smoothly.

Former X-Files actor files for divorce

Nevada residents may be following the reports that David Duchovny and his former spouse Tea Leoni have finalized their divorced. Duchovny filed for divorce in June. The couple came to a settlement on their own, which will see Duchovny pay $40,000 a month in spousal support. He will also pay $8,333 in child support plus other expenses each month.

What abuse victims can do to get help

Domestic violence services provider Safe Nest says that 42 percent of all women in Nevada have experienced domestic abuse. When left unchecked, it could result in emotional or physical trauma. In some cases, victims of domestic abuse could be killed by their abuser. While homicides due to domestic violence fell in the state in 2013, the rate appears to be rising according to a representative for the group.

Billionaire's divorce may result in unprecedented settlement

Nevada couples considering divorce might be interested in the recent case involving the oil tycoon Harold Hamm. Authorities reported that the legal split between Hamm and his wife of 26 years might result in the largest recorded divorce settlement ever. Reportedly, the Oklahoma court presiding over the divorce trial has cleared its docket for eight weeks to hear arguments from both sides.

Growing number of of children living with grandparents

Nevada residents may be interested to learn that the number of children who were being raised by their grandparents doubled from 2.4 million in 2000 to 4.9 million in 2010, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Grandparents in Nevada and across the nation might get custody of a grandchild because the parents or guardians were no longer fit to raise the child. The Child Welfare Information Gateway states that grandparents often step in to provide for children whose parents abandoned them due to substance abuse problems, mental disorders or serving time in jail.

New law aimed at curbing gun rights for abusive partners

According to reports, Nevada had the highest level of domestic homicide in the country five different years between 2005 and 2011. In 2010, there were 35 instances of women being shot by men, and most of those deaths occurred with a handgun. However, the state fell to number 16 in the nation in 2011, and the director of the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence says that attitudes are changing about domestic violence against men, women and children.

Well-known actor requests spousal support modification

Nevada residents considering divorce may be interested in recent documents filed in family court by the actor Terrance Howard, who purportedly owes his second ex-wife $325,000 in spousal support. According to court documents, Howard is asking a judge to revisit the divorce settlement because he can no longer meet his financial obligation to his second ex-wife, Michelle Ghent