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October 2014 Archives

Paternity disputes in Nevada

In Nevada and across the nation, fathers are expected to help support their children. However, there are situations where a man suspects that he may not be the father of a child. The state will order tests to determine the paternity of the child in question in several situations. If a man believes he may not be the father of the child, then he can write a letter to the Chief stating his concerns and requesting further testing.

Understanding presumptions against domestic violence perpetrators

Nevada parents who have a history of domestic violence have an uphill battle in acquiring child custody. There are certain procedures that a court must follow if it finds that a person committed domestic violence before he or she can pursue custody.

What are the penalties of stalking in Nevada?

Like many other laws, the definitions and penalties related to stalking vary by state. Nevada has clearly defined statutes which protect victims of stalking, and this applies whether or not the victim knows the perpetrator. A person is considered to be guilty of stalking in Nevada if they maliciously or willfully act in a way that harasses, intimidates, frightens or terrorizes a reasonable person. Additionally, if a victim fears a household member or a family member due to this behavior, it is also considered stalking.

How custodial parents can get child support that they are owed

If a noncustodial parent is ordered to pay child support, there are steps that the state of Nevada can take to compel compliance. Noncustodial parents who work but do not pay child support could see their wages garnished to fulfill their obligations. An order to withhold income from a noncustodial parent's paycheck will apply to all future employers assuming that the court knows where the parent works.

Providing professional support during divorce

If you are facing a divorce that involves dividing a large business or considerable assets, our lawyers may be able to make sure that you and your spouse agree on a fair and smooth division of your property. We have the knowledge and experience to resolve complex issues surrounding substantial assets while helping couples to avoid controversy and stress. Our lawyers have experience in litigation issues in Nevada and have worked for more than 20 years in the field.

Divorcing billionaire claims to have paid wife millions already

Nevada hedge fund investors may be interested to hear that Kenneth Griffin, the founder of Chicago-based Citadel LLC, claims to have paid millions of dollars to his wife under a prenuptial agreement. The billionaire made the claim in documents that were filed in an Illinois state court on Oct. 2. Griffin has been going through a divorce with his wife of 11 years after the pair went through a period of separation. His legal papers say that his wife accepted a payment of $20 million in December 2005 as an advance on the total of $22.5 million she would receive as part of a prenuptial agreement if they divorced. Later, he paid her another $5 million.

What types of domestic violence are there?

Domestic violence takes many forms and is not just when someone physically assaults an intimate partner. In general, domestic violence occurs when one person in a relationship exhibits an abusive pattern of behavior aimed to control the other person. Victims can be of either gender and any age, and they can come from all socioeconomic statuses and educational backgrounds.

Food Network star couple file for divorce

Food lovers in Nevada may have read the recent reports that Pat and Gina Neely have filed for divorce. The couple has been a fixture on the Food Network and own a Memphis-style barbecue restaurant in New York City. They also owned a restaurant in Memphis, which was recently closed. In addition to the restaurants, the Neely's have written several successful cookbooks.