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January 2015 Archives

Rapid-fire divorce celebrations

When a divorce becomes final, many people find it cathartic to celebrate the occasion with friends and family. After a divorce, some people throw a party where laughs and well wishes for the future are in order, while others trace a line of bullets across their marriage certificate, turning the once-cherished document into confetti.

Research: talking through divorce helps

Everyone has had their heart broken. We all share that experience, but we have different ways of dealing with the pain. Some of us retreat into quietness and want time to be alone and reflect on what went wrong and why. Others deal with the end of a relationship by talking to friends and family about why the romance ended and the reasons for its demise.

A fresh start in a new year

The holidays are over. The tinsel has been taken down, the presents unwrapped and the pine needles swept away. It’s even starting to become natural to write “2015” instead of “2014.” For many people, the transition from the holiday season back to regular life means it’s time to finally tackle the big item on their personal agenda. The one that was set aside so that they could enjoy festive celebrations with family and friends, but now feels more urgent than ever: divorce.

Getting help with property division in a high asset divorce

A Las Vegas divorce can involve many complicated issues, including decisions about how assets of high value should be split up. Although Nevada is a community property state, specific assets may not need to be shared in a 50-50 manner as long as an equal value of the marital estate is assigned to each party. Local factors may figure prominently in the valuation of assets such as land or a home in light of real estate trends in the community. Effective legal representation may be important for ensuring that appropriate values are used.

Protecting a business in a Nevada divorce

Many people that divorce in Nevada and elsewhere have businesses they own, sometimes started long before their marriages occurred. When a marriage falls apart and a divorce petition is filed, the question of the business will most likely arise during the property division portion of the divorce. Business owners should take steps to preemptively protect their business from a future division in the event a divorce occurs.

The differences between legal separation and divorce

Legal separation and divorce have distinct meanings in Nevada. Some people choose to legally separate instead of divorcing due to several reasons. People may have religious beliefs that prohibit them from divorcing, while others may wish to separate with the idea they may, through work, be able to eventually reconcile and continue their marital relationships. Others may choose to legally separate for more practical financial reasons.