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February 2015 Archives

Planning ahead while also taking care of business today

Apple co-founder and high-tech icon Steve Jobs had a flair for the dramatic. When introducing revolutionary technological jewels, he liked to pause near the end of his presentations and say, "One more thing..." It was a fun way for the late innovator to add one more dazzling feature the latest world-changing device could perform.

What are causes for divorce in Nevada?

Incompatibility, Insanity, and separation for more than a year are the only legal gorunds for divorce in Nevada, which is a no fault state.  According to Nevada law, insanity must exist for at least two years prior to the commencement of the divorce action. The court will then ask for evidence supporting the claim, and if that evidence is convincing, the court can grant a divorce decree. Because  insanity or separation have to be proven, but incompatibility does not, it is rare that a party seeks divorce upon grounds other then incompatibility. 

'Losing' your house in a divorce setttlement can be a win

Couples no longer fight over who gets the house. Now the couples are more inclined to fight over who should be strapped with the large mortgage.  Either way, navigating through the emotuional and financial consequences of divorce are best left to the professionals.  Divorce lawyers have to advise their clients about taxes, mortgage refinance, or house sales.  And in this new economy, leaving the marrrige debt free can be a huge asset.   And, divorce lawyers can help get each of their clients into a manageable home with a modest mortgage.    

Signs of impending divorce: here are a few

A marriage counselor writing for the Huffington Post recently detailed some of the behaviors common among couples she recognizes as being caught in relationships that can no longer be fixed. The telltale signs of impending divorce are apparently not terribly difficult for an experienced counselor to spot, though pretty close to impossible to repair and heal.

Reasons for a legal separation rather than divorce

We recently read a newspaper article in which an interesting bit of trivia was dissected. Try to think of the names of the only two countries in the world in which divorce is forbidden. Give up? (We did, too.) The first one, the Vatican, is perhaps an obvious choice. The second, the Philippines, is probably less obvious.

When domestic violence allegations enter child custody disputes

Few issues in Nevada family law are more emotionally charged than a child custody case.  And now it is presumed that the perpetrator of an act of an act of domestic violence cannot be a joint or primary physical custodian under Nevada law.  So  allegations of domestic violence made by one parent  or spouse against another, or by both parents against each other, have to be taken a lot more seriously.