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March 2015 Archives

Bill before Nevada legislature would change some divorces

There are several bills before the Nevada legislature that could significantly impact divorce law.  They include a bill that will lengthen Nevada's 6 week residency requirement that some people feel creates a "divorce mill" in Nevada.  Other bills include insulating military disability income from spousal support, changing the relocation standard for removing children,and requiring mandatory mediation for property division issues ( like we do for custody issues). The legislature may be over-reaching.  In the desire to reduce conflict, or to protect veterans, the legislature could be hurting military wives.  And the less informed spouse could be harmed by over-simplified property mediations if lawyers are not required to serve as mediators. 

Survey: 4 out of 5 businesses worry about asset protection in divorce

Las Vegas business owners are understandably concerned that someone might one day walk onto their property, stage an accident and file a lawsuit in an attempt to collect damages. We have all heard of these kinds of lawsuits and can understand why businesses would purchase protective insurance to guard against ruinous losses.

Las Vegas Metro Police to disband domestic violence unit?

While police departments across the nation are adding domestic violence units made up of cops with specialized training, the Las Vegas Metroolitan Police Dept. is preparing to disband its 14-member unit. The move is part of Sheriff Joe Lombardo's plan to get officers closer to the communities they serve, but some community leaders and Clark County domestic violence advocates are not enthused.

Who you gonna call? Divorce mythbusters

The TV show "Mythbusters" has a great way of hooking viewers. Using the scientific method and mechanical devices they construct, the hosts of the Discovery Channel program test the validity of myths, rumors, conspiracy theories, adages and even viral videos. In that way, viewers can see if these myths, sayings, theories, etc., are valid or are the product of superstition or human gullibility. (You might recall that the show's hosts did a limited number of performances here in Las Vegas last summer.)

Study shows gender difference in how illness affects divorce

In traditional wedding vows, people would promise to have and hold their loved one for better or for worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health -- "til death do us part." Today, many couples write their own vows, but the idea is still the same: you are bound together, no matter what, until separated by death.

Are you prepared to represent yourself?

The Clark County website features a page for people considering whether or not they are capable of representing themselves in court during their divorce proceedings. The county shares some good information; perhaps none better than this: "The biggest risk in representing yourself without a lawyer is that you will lose your case!" (The exclamation mark is theirs, not ours.)