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What are the chances that your divorce will go to trial?

If you and your spouse agree in the issues in which major disagreements are most likely to break out in a divorce -- child custody, spousal support and division of substantial assets -- then your chances of going to trial are very low. And even if you disagree in one of those areas, but you have an experienced family law attorney, it is most likely that a favorable settlement -- one that both sides can live with -- will be negotiated and agreed upon.

Part II: Signs therapists use to predict divorce

As promised in our previous post, we have returned to take another look at personality traits and relationship styles that can prove toxic to couples who are pondering marriage or who have already taken the plunge. The poisons can become visible to trained eyes. Marriage counselors and pre-marriage therapists can often spot the signs that a relationship is headed toward divorce even before wedding music has played and rings are exchanged.

Part I: Signs therapists use to predict divorce

You're pretty sure about your choice of spouse, but you want to be completely sure. You've got a few problems to work out, and the weeks before the wedding seems like the perfect time to talk things over. Those are some of the reasons couples go hand-in-hand to see pre-marital counselors.

He's punching back

Floyd Mayweather is a polarizing figure in the violent world of boxing. He has been accused by five women on seven occasions of physical assaults. Mayweather has pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge and served two months in jail. Despite his history of violence against women, it's his history of violence against men that has made him wealthy and famous.

Destination: Divorce

Someone is always coming up with a new twist on a familiar product or service. We recently read an article about a company providing what it refers to as destination divorces. The couple jets in for a three-day stay at a hotel and spa, where family law attorneys work out the details of their divorce.

The importance of properly preparing for child support matters

Among the things that will generally occur in a divorce case in which the divorcing individuals have minor children is that one of the two divorcing individuals will be ordered to pay child support. Here in Nevada, when a child support award is made through a decision by a court, the amount of the award will generally be dictated by the state's child support guidelines.

Relocation With Children After Divorce

Family courts in Southern Nevada are literally filled with divorce and post-divorce relocation cases.  Parents are not permitted to relocate to another state with their children in Nevada without written consent of the non-moving parent or a court order if such consent is refused.  Because it is easier for a parent who has primary physical custody to relocate with the children after divorce, a lot of parents who would otherwise not contest custody are seeking joint physical custody because they are scared their children will be moving if they are allowed to live primarily with the other parent.  

What will be decided in a Nevada divorce?

The Final Four won't be decided and the next presidential election won't be decided in your divorce, but many important issues will be finalized as your marriage comes to a formal, legal end in a Nevada courtroom. What will be decided? Most important if you have children will be issues of custody, visitation and child support.