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Coincidence? Maybe not

Back in 1960, John F. Kennedy eked out victory in a tough campaign for the presidency over Richard M. Nixon. The young, handsome president with a beautiful wife and adorable little girl (soon to be accompanied by her adorable little brother) charmed the nation. Was it coincidence that the marriage rate in 1960 was 72 percent of adults 18 years or older? Maybe.

Is this the equivalent of 1,788,000 tweets?

Experts say we read 300 wpm. So that first sentence took about a second for the average person to read. In that second, 6,000 tweets were sent out, 5,000 social profiles were updated, 4,000 photos posted and 500 blogs put online. The same information wave rippled across the internet in each of the subsequent seconds as well.

When divorce looms, the thrill is definitely gone

B.B. King was born on a cotton plantation in Mississippi and died a few days ago in his Las Vegas mansion. Heralded worldwide as a master of the blues, he was an innovator who melted intricate jazz-inflected urban blues over the raw stomp of country blues. On his guitar named Lucille, he would lay down needlepoint-fine lines and then make her roar, dazzling audiences wherever he went.

A peaceful divorce

When she's asked if she has an amicable divorce, she answers that it is peaceful. But how can the end of what was to be a lifelong relationship, and is sometimes the unraveling of a family; how can that be peaceful, she is asked.

Parental alienation: Avoiding it post-divorce

It's clearly normal and natural for children to mature and evolve and become adults. As adults, they make their own decisions in life, and begin families of their own. This separation of parents and children is a healthy development, and is a sign of emotional growth among offspring. However, there is a different kind of child-parent separation that can happen much earlier, and is often a byproduct of divorce: parental alienation.

Fatal Facebook flaw

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to come to in order to have fun. Everyone should also know that the last thing you want to do if you are having marital problems is to post a photo on Facebook of you and your girlfriend or boyfriend enjoying a night on the town here.

Words of incaution

She said he's living in Nevada to try and dodge taxes. He accused her of stealing his dog. However, the accusations have stopped flying now that the divorce of Pamela Anderson and poker player Rick Saloman has been finalized. Media reports say Anderson received $1 million in a settlement and that afterwards, the former couple issued a carefully worded statement apologizing for, and retracting the harsh words and accusations exchanged during their acrimonious split.