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June 2015 Archives

Think a prenup can't be challenged? Think again

You would be remiss to think that a prenuptial agreement is an impenetrable contract that simply can't be challenged. The prenup has a complicated history, and there are perceptions and myths about this critical piece of marriage and divorce law. But if there is one thing that a prenuptial agreement isn't, it is impregnable.

The many ways in which social media can burn you during divorce

The temptation is always there now when something shocking or upsetting happens to you. You want to go on to Facebook or Twitter and rant your feelings away into cyberspace. You want to type the words so fast and with such ferocity that the keyboard nearly breaks. You want to use ALL CAPS to hammer home your point. You are just so upset and so angry, and you feel like this is the best -- and possibly only -- way to affect the situation.

Biological quirk results in fraternal twins with different dads

A peculiar news story regarding paternity test results grabbed national attention recently and it's one even residents here in Nevada may have heard about. Most people marveled at how easily biology can give us amiss and present us with scenarios we could only imagine happening in a fiction book. People from the legal community though marveled at the story for a different reason.

Time travel

When you go to the Clark County Courts' website looking for help with family law disputes, it's like traveling backwards in time. It appears to be about 1998 or so, a time when websites consisted mainly of plain text, a stock photo or two and a few boxes to highlight more plain text.