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October 2015 Archives

Anger goes missing

"You and Daddy yell at each other all the time," the boy said to his mom. "I'm afraid of the fighting." She thought about what the 6-year-old had just said and what his words meant to her and to her husband. She walked her son to school and then called her husband of 12 years. She set in motion their divorce.

Division in marriage, division in divorce

Experts list several common causes of divorce, including communication problems, sexual infidelity, inequality in the relationship (one has to do all the housework or one has to earn all the money), disagreements over parenting and, of course, finances. Some of those listed obviously overlap with others; communication problems are perhaps the common denominator across the board.

Looking back at the hack

It was like a big practical joke played on millions of married men (and a few married women) who were exposed as cheaters -- or at least cheater wannabes -- by hackers who had broken into Ashley Madison's database. But the humor dissipated for many within days of the release by hackers of the names of Ashley Madison account-holders. Several suicides were connected to the release of the estimated 30 million names, People magazine reported, including a police captain and a pastor. It was also inevitable that the revelation of the names would spark divorce proceedings from Las Vegas to Little Rock, and from Lafayette to Los Angeles and everywhere in between.

Make it concrete, not sugar

Before you make a presentation to co-workers or give a speech to a Clark County business group or Las Vegas neighborhood organization, experts urge you to take the time to know your audience. Who will you address? When you know who is listening, you can adapt your message to make it resonate with them.