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January 2016 Archives

On divorce, your name, and how to change it

An often overlooked aspect of divorce, you may have taken the last name of your husband or wife when you got married. If this happened, when you divorce you may want to switch your name back. The original name change may have been a complex matter to begin with. So many documents and forms of identification need to be updated and changed to reflect the name.

Talk to your significant other about a prenuptial agreement

One question that many couples may ask themselves before they walk down the aisle is "should I be considering a prenuptial agreement?" That thought may immediately be followed by the fear of bringing up such a supposedly controversial topic to your significant other in the months leading up to the happiest moment of your life.

Debt has a huge role to play in divorce

If you and your spouse were to decide after a long discussion -- preempted by months, if not years, of unhappiness -- that you wanted a divorce, there would be a lot of issues that you would want to talk about. What is going to happen to the property you own? What will happen to your children, and how will custody and support be resolved? How will all of your assets be handled?

What to avoid and what to embrace during a divorce

When anyone goes through a divorce, they are going to have a lot of questions -- not just about what they are at risk of and what is at stake in their divorce, but also about what exactly they should be doing, legally or otherwise, during the divorce. What behaviors should they avoid? What documents do they need to supply or topics do they research? What important steps need to be taken to increase their chances of having a successful conclusion to their divorce?

If you must use social media during divorce, follow these steps

At the beginning of December, we wrote a post about social media and divorce. Using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during a divorce is a tricky proposition. Even if you mean well in your posts and status updates, your words could be used out of context to support some legal action by your soon-to-be-former spouse. And if you have a bad moment and post something inflammatory while you are very upset, then it could really hurt you.

Why divorce is sometimes the solution and not the problem

Imagine that a married couple has been together for many years, but after a while, they don't see eye to eye anymore. Those sustained periods of love and agreement have turned to sustained periods of uncomfortable inadequacy and a lack of communication. Sometimes, this happens. But when it becomes a consistent theme in your relationship, then the divorce question starts to come up.

Business to offer couples wedding money if they stay married

Most of us have heard at some point that the divorce rate in the United States is currently around 50 percent. That number may actually be higher or lower, but the reality is that divorce is all too common. Businesses in the wedding industry certainly benefit from this fact.

Divorced couple tries to undo their divorce, fails

Continuing our legal separation theme from last week, today we have a story about a once-married, now-divorced couple in New Hampshire that was trying to undo their divorce. The couple was married in 1989, and for 24 years they stayed that way. But in 2014, they decided it was time to call it quits. Their irreconcilable differences were just too much, and they filed for divorce.

How legal separation can help you decide on a divorce

In our last post, we talked about a report that showed the 25 cities in the United States where divorce had seen the largest increase since 1970. You can refer to that post by clicking here. While we don't want to rehash what we talked about in that post, there is an important point that we want to explore a little further: the notion that getting a divorce is "bad" even though many divorced couples are happy that they went through with it.