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February 2016 Archives

Divorce is the end, and also the beginning

There are two ways you can look at a divorce. On the one hand, you can look at it as "the end." It is, in a very literal way, the end of a marriage. After a divorce is complete, your relationship with your ex-spouse is formally and legally terminated. But on the other hand, a divorce is also the beginning. It allows you to move on from this chapter in your life -- one that you (or both you and your spouse) deemed to be unsatisfactory -- and start something new with your life.

Study shows contrast in marriage, divorce actions over the years

An interesting study of divorce, marriage and how the two institutions compare across generations reveals a stark contrast in how we view marriage and divorce today. The study looked at people across all ages, and looked at when they were divorced and how long couples remained married.

On custody interference, and what you should do in response

As many divorced parents will tell you, the politics and issues inherent with a child custody arrangement can be very difficult to deal with. Even if both parents have good intentions, it can be a strain to stay organized and remain on schedule. Things change; life throws you a curveball; and yet the custody arrangement is the custody arrangement, and it must be followed.

Child support can apply even in the absence of marriage

Child support applies to a number of different cases, all with the intent of holding parents responsible for the financial support of their child or children. A child support order is issued by a judge, with this order serving as explicit direction by the judge for the parents to support their child up until he or she turns 18. These child support orders can arise as a result of a divorce, or even if the parents were never married in the first place.

When a family law issue beckons, get an attorney

Divorce isn't the only issues inherent to the world of family law, though it is a very common one that has many legal layers to it. There are paternity issues that can come to the forefront, even in the absence of marriage. There are many financial issues that can arise in the wake of a divorce. And if children are involved in a divorce -- or even in the absence of divorce -- then there can be delicate custody and support issues that must be handled.

Are online divorce companies the way of the future?

In this age of tech companies and inventive startups, it was only a matter of time before divorce automation and streamlined family law services hit the app store, so to speak. A company called Wevorce is gaining steam as an online option for couples who are looking to divorce. The company asserts that they can help a couple get through the divorce in a more cost-effective manner while also saving them time in the process.