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March 2016 Archives

What factors in to a child support decision?

If you and your spouse have a child and you decide it is time for a divorce, then child custody and child support will be issues that need to be handled. Child support is usually involved if one parent has sole custody and the other doesn't. If the parents share custody, then child support payments are less likely.

Your actions after divorce are very important

Inherent to the divorce equation is a bit of heartbreak and a bit of anger. No one will walk away from a completed divorce without a slight feeling of discomfort and resentment, and that's perfectly natural. You may overwhelmingly happy at the same time, too -- but that small bit of resentment will be there.

Pet custody: your pet is property unless you do something

Having a pet can be a very rewarding experience for the owners. They learn responsibility, and they learn to love an animal as a family member. But think about a pet in the context of a divorce. If you and your spouse file for divorce, who would get your pet? How is the pet dealt with in a divorce?

On separation and annulment, Part 1

Many people have heard numerous different terms for married couples that go their separate ways -- in fact, that's one right there. More to the point though, the terms "separation," "annulment," and "divorced" are often all mixed together. Some people may think that all these terms mean the same thing. To the contrary, these are three distinct terms with three distinct meanings.