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Steps to take to remedy child custody violations

For parents in Nevada and other states, divorce is a traumatic experience, and adjusting to post-divorce life is never easy. It is not uncommon for parents to find it difficult to comply with a child custody agreement that was filed in court. The disappointment of a child when a parent violates custody arrangements time after time is heartbreaking. What are the options for the other parent?

How should divorced parents handle car insurance for their teens?

If you're a divorced parent of a teen driver, you need to work out the issue of whether your child will be on your car insurance policy or that of your ex, or both. The answer of whose policy (or policies) your child should be covered on will depend on a number of factors, including whose vehicle(s) your teen will be driving. Whatever the case, this is not an area where any residual animosity that you and your ex have towards each other should get in the way.

Financial management after a divorce

Divorce is a painful, emotional time for most couples. Afterwards, you may feel as though you've made it -- that you're free of the hardships the divorce has caused. However, when it comes to finances, you can quickly find that yours aren't doing so well after your divorce. Here are some financial management tips to help you move on while making sure your finances are secure.

How do I get child support if the father denies paternity?

In the state of Nevada, if the mother wants to collect child support, paternity must be proven or acknowledged. For example, if a man wants to voluntarily acknowledge paternity, then both parents must sign a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity. It must then be notarized or witnessed and taken to the Bureau of Health Planning & Statistics Office of Vital Records. Most hospitals have this form and routinely handle the process. A man who is married to someone else can sign a VAP form.

Undocumented status keeps many abuse victims silent

Domestic abusers use a number of methods to control their victims and keep them in their abusive relationships. Many victims, particularly women, are financially dependent on the husband or boyfriend who's abusing them. Some fear that if they report the abuse, they will be separated from their children or that those children, other family members or pets will be harmed or worse.

Friend of Amber Heard supports her in abuse claims

Readers of this blog are probably familiar with the recent scandal pertaining to actress Amber Heard and her husband Johnny Depp. The scandal erupted following Heard's claims that she was domestically abused by Depp while he was intoxicated. A close friend of Heard -- who called 911 for Heard -- recently told reporters what happened.

Is there a positive side to divorce?

One of the most painful experiences you can have is to watch your spouse pack his or her things and walk out the door and on your marriage. You might wonder if you will ever find the strength to move on. There is a positive side to divorce, but it might just take you a little while to find it. Consider the following:

'Saved by the Bell' actress files for divorce in Las Vegas

Readers of this blog in Las Vegas might not remember the name Lark Voorhies, but this actress became famous as a young woman in the television series "Saved by the Bell." The now-42-year-old actress recently filed for divorce only six months after marrying Jimmy Green in Las Vegas. Court documents related to the divorce were filed on May 27.

A few things to know about asset division

Asset division usually involves a lot of emotions. It is very difficult to let go of your possessions, especially when the process is mixed with separating from a spouse and dissolving your marriage. This article will discuss several things about asset division that usually only divorce attorneys are aware of.