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August 2016 Archives

Approaching child custody disagreements diplomatically

Child support payments are one of the most common areas of disagreement during divorce proceedings. In most cases, the paying spouse wants to pay as little child support as possible and the receiving spouse wants to receive as much child support as possible. The goal of the court is to determine the actual amount of child support that needs to be paid based on the parents' incomes and personal assets.

Boy found after being kidnapped by mother

One thing many parents fear is that they'll lose their child. Whether that loss is through an accident or because of another parent taking the child away, some people find that their worst fears do come to pass. When a child is taken against custody arrangements, the person responsible can be charged with parental kidnapping.

2 important facts about Nevada divorces

There are a number of details that apply to the legal aspects of Nevada divorces, which every person considering divorce in this state should be aware of, especially when it comes to high-asset divorce proceedings. This article will discuss two of the most pertinent facts that relate to Nevada divorce proceedings.

University of Nevada hosts important domestic violence training

Reno Police Services at the University of Nevada joined forces with the Reno Police Department and other groups to offer a three-day training program on Domestic Violence this week. According to the director of the University of Nevada police, the training had the goal of giving professionals a better understanding of the dynamics and factors surrounding domestic violence so that victims receive the resources and tools they need to deal with the criminal justice system.

Don't forget Social Security spousal benefits in your divorce

In divorces where couples have considerable assets to divide, they may not give much thought to Social Security spousal benefits, even if they're nearing retirement age. Social Security benefits seem complicated enough without factoring divorce into the situation.