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November 2016 Archives

Are divorce rates higher or lower than the past?

There's good news for couples planning to get married, whether it's for their first time or second time. The national divorce rate is said to be at it's lowest in over 35 years. Furthermore, marriage is getting more popular too. There are currently 32.3 marriages happening for every 1,000 single women 15 years of age and up per year. This is up from 2014's figure of 31.9.

Can I change the name of my children after a divorce?

Many Nevada parents who end up with full custody of their children may wish to change the last names of their children. For example, mothers who changed their names upon marriage, often choose to revert to their maiden names, and when doing so they consider changing the names of their children as well. What does the law say about this?

Preventing many financial problems during legal separation

Most states allow married couples who just aren't ready for divorce to file for a legal separation. The reasons for wanting this separation can be numerous, such as because of health care coverage, religious readings, Social Security benefits or family benefits among other things.

Avoid the most difficult aspects of divorce with a prenup

The pain and heartache of divorce are virtually unavoidable. However, the worst of the legal difficulties can be prevented in many cases if the couple entered into a prenuptial agreement before getting married. A prenuptial agreement is a special contract signed prior to marriage that allows couples to set specific terms for their marriages as opposed to letting Nevada law do this for them.

Divorce doesn't always end domestic violence

We've just come to the end of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It doesn't get as much attention in October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, it's a problem that needs to be spotlighted and understood because it affects so many people -- mostly women. In his proclamation declaring October National Domestic Violence Awareness month, President Obama wrote, in part, "When anyone is targeted by someone they place their trust in, we have a responsibility to speak up."

Dividing a family business in Nevada divorce proceedings

Nevada couples who are running family businesses may not feel wealthy at all, but their businesses could be extremely valuable when it comes to getting a divorce. Indeed, the asset division process when a family business is involved can be complicated and difficult to navigate -- especially if one spouse considers the business to be his or her own personal property.

Some common and dangerous myths about kids and domestic violence

If you're a parent in an abusive relationship, you may believe that by leaving your abuser, you'll spare your children from further harm. While leaving an abusive relationship is certainly crucial to your safety and that of your children, it's not necessarily the end of your problems. There are some common, and potentially dangerous, myths about domestic violence, its impact on children and even on how it affects custody decisions.

What will happen to my art in my divorce?

A lot of Las Vegas couples collect art together, and in some relationships where one of the spouses is an artist, they create art. Interestingly, art that is both created and collected during the course of a marriage will be considered as marital property during divorce proceedings. That means that both these categories of art will need to be divided.