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Legal separation in Nevada

Legal separation is a way for couples to take a time-out from their marriage rather than moving forward with divorce. In some cases, separation is a way to prepare for and resolve the majority of the decisions that will be involved in a divorce. In other cases, it's a way for couples to end and resolve specific aspects of their marriages while still remaining technically married.

In the state of Nevada, a legal separation is viewed by the courts and filed by the parties just the same as a divorce would be. Also the same as divorce, as a part of legal separation, couples will divvy up their marital estates and make decisions regarding child custody, child support and alimony.

Liabilities and assets will also be divvied up as a part of the separation process. Therefore, additional property and/or liabilities acquired by either spouse following separation will not be viewed as community property in the event that a divorce is ever finalized, and both spouse's credit ratings will be protected from the other spouse's activities following separation.

One of the benefits of legal separation is the fact that it can be agreed to and finalized in just a few weeks, thereby allowing the spouses to sever the majority of their marital ties quickly and effectively in a legally binding agreement. However, spouses must remember that a legal separation is by no means a divorce; as such, neither spouse will be permitted to remarry until an actual divorce has been finalized.

Nevada spouses looking to benefit from a legal separation can speak with a local family law attorney. An attorney can offer educated advice about legal separation and whether it is appropriate for the spouses' situation and goals.

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