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January 2017 Archives

International child custody and the Hague Convention

When parents divorce or separate, things get extremely complicated when different countries are involved. Let's say you're from Las Vegas, Nevada, and your spouse is from Paris, France. Your spouse might want to go home to Paris with the kids, and you might want to keep them home in Las Vegas.

The truth about holiday domestic violence

We often hear that instances of domestic violence increase over the holidays, which makes sense. People are home from work on vacation, so couples are together more. They may have a home crowded with extended family members, further exacerbating tensions. Social drinking is more acceptable around the holidays, and alcohol often escalates arguments.

Are you getting a divorce because of domestic violence?

When it comes to domestic violence, the abuser and the victim can become ensnared in a continual cycle of abuse and asking forgiveness. Psychologically, the victim might be in love with -- or dependent on -- the other side of his or her abuser who they know to be a kind and vulnerable person. This is one of the reasons why it can be so difficult to break the cycle. Relationships with domestic violence might also continue because the victim is afraid of what might happen if he or she finally stands up for the right to be free of abuse in his or her home.

Divorces with more assets are more complicated

When a Las Vegas couple owns more money and more assets, their divorce will be much more complicated to navigate. For example, retirement accounts, homes, investments, real estate, art and businesses all need to be financially evaluated carefully to appraise their values and tax liabilities to determine the best way to divvy them up during divorce proceedings.

How is community property divided in Nevada?

One of the most difficult things about many divorces is asset division. In most cases, couples who have been together for years have grown their financial standing considerably since the day they said "I do." This means that there will be many shared resources, financial accounts and other assets that need to be divided.

Tips for modifying a child support order

Sometimes, a child support order that made sense when you got divorced no longer fits your situation. If you lose your job, for instance, or suffer an injury that makes it impossible for you to work, you simply can't afford those payments. However, if you don't have the order modified, you're still expected to make them on time. You must take the proper legal steps to have the order changed, and these tips can help.