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March 2017 Archives

Child custody dispute lawyer in Nevada

At the Kainen Law Group, we have seen virtually every child support case scenario under the sun. We have seen noncustodial fathers who volunteer to pay far more than their fair share in child support just because they want to. We have seen mothers seek more than their share, unfairly, just because they want to. No matter what the situation, however, when a child support matter falls into disagreement, the paying party wants to pay less, and the receiving party wants to receive more.

Can I keep my inheritance during divorce?

Let's say you received a generous $5 million inheritance from your Uncle Bob last year. You were so sad to lose your Uncle Bob, but the legacy he left you made you feel loved and financially secure. Indeed, your family's financial security -- especially your retirement -- was no longer a source of worry and doubt. Nevertheless, you recently received some difficult news from your husband of 25 years: He's been having an affair and he wants a divorce.

The benefits of legal separation

Some Nevada couples may want to receive some of the benefits of divorce while retaining other benefits of marriage. For these couples, legal separation may be the answer. With legal separation, spouses can remain married while living away from one another and establishing legal agreements concerning property division, child custody and other matters.

Marriage statistics: Then and now

Not all married couples end up together for the rest of their lives. Indeed, a huge percentage of Nevada marriages result in a divorce. Although the actual percentage of marriage success is a debatable topic, Business Insider recently published new information regarding the current status of marriage success statistics in the United States.

What personal factors increase my divorce risk?

If you're considering divorce, you're not alone. Indeed, many Americans spouses decide to bring their marriages to a close -- especially during the months of January and February, which have been dubbed "divorce season" by many family law attorneys throughout the United States. Your decision to get a divorce, however, has likely brought up some questions, such as, what personal factors may have contributed to the failure of my marriage?

New legislation could help Nevada victims of domestic violence

Could new legislation in Nevada called Marsy's Law change the lives of domestic violence victim for the better? If you've been the victim of domestic violence, or know someone who has, this is what one of the state's legislative committees is proposing.

Don't let your divorce leave you uninsured or underinsured

When you're going through a divorce, insurance policies are probably not at the top of your list of priorities. However, an experienced family law attorney will help ensure that you don't lose important coverage for yourself and your children in the settlement.