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What if I co-mingled my inheritance money with marital assets?

In the state of Nevada, inheritance money falls under the category of "separate property." It's not subject to asset division during a divorce, unless the spouse who received the inheritance co-mingled it with marital assets. Co-mingling of an inheritance happens when you deposit your inheritance money into a joint marital account, or when you use the money to benefit both you and your spouse or your family.

Making sense of the legal separation filing process in Las Vegas

When a couple decides to pull the plug on their relationship, it's not all that uncommon that there may be hurt feelings between the pair which may, in turn, cause there to be legal wrangling involving financial matters, rights to housing, and other issues. It's during this time that couples can easily fall into the trap of assuming that no formalized agreement needs to be put in place to document this new chapter in their lives.

When will a judge award primary physical custody?

Sometimes parents can't come to agreement on who will receive primary custody of the children. If you're in a battle over custody like this, and you want to make sure you retain your custodial rights, you may want to review what the law says about the matter. This article will review the usual circumstances under which a judge will award primary physical custody to just one parent.

Dividing a business during Las Vegas divorce proceedings

The longer a couple is married, the more assets they acquire during their marriage. When the marital estate involves different kinds of assets, like bank accounts, investment accounts, businesses, multiple real estate properties and multiple vehicles, the process of dividing these assets can become very complicated.

Stopping domestic violence in your life

Stopping domestic violence in your life is a lot easier from a technical and legal perspective than it is from a psychological perspective. Indeed, when you're involved in a love union with your abuser, you'll face a mix of very complicated emotions. For this reason, the first step you need to take to put the abuse to a stop may be to seek help from a mental health counselor.

Why are second marriages more likely to end than first ones?

It might seem obvious that people who are divorced would have learned some lessons about themselves and what they want from marriage that would make their next union successful. However, statistics show that second and subsequent marriages are more likely to end in divorce than first ones.

Alleged child neglect could cause a mother to lose custody

Nevada parents who are convicted of child neglect could lose their parental rights to their children. In fact, if police suspect that a child is being neglected, it's not uncommon for them to take the child into custody and deliver him or her to the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services. Once this happens, a parent could face legal challenges in getting the child returned -- especially if the parent is being held in jail.

How will bankruptcy affect my child support?

Courts view the obligation to financially support one's children seriously, and it's rare that a parent will be relieved of this responsibility -- even if the parent files for bankruptcy. This article will review several things that parents need to keep in mind with regard to bankruptcy and child support.

Your child's best interests are the focal point of custody cases

Child custody is something that parents don't truly want to have to battle over. Each parent wants what they think is best for the child, but when those ideas don't mesh together, the need for a battle becomes evident. As you go through child custody issues, we are here to help you think beyond the immediate problems so that your child can begin to enjoy at least a measure of stability.