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May 2017 Archives

Is legal separation better than divorce for older couples?

More older couples are getting divorced than ever before. Nonetheless, many couples in their 50s and above who no longer want to be together find that it's either too complicated to untangle decades of financial involvement or not beneficial to either of them to do so.

What's the history of domestic violence enforcement?

Law enforcement officers, lawmakers and fellow citizens in Nevada are attempting to eradicate domestic violence from existence, making headway one step at a time. Nevertheless, there was a day when the courts and police didn't take domestic violence as seriously as they do today.

Are you a victim of financial abuse?

Most people think of the abuse of one spouse by another as physical in nature or perhaps verbal or emotional. However, some people are victims of financial abuse. Often (in fact 99 percent of the time) people who are physically abused are also financially abused. Both, after all, are means of controlling a spouse or partner.

Taxes and splitting up investment assets during a divorce

When a couple shares their investment accounts, those assets will likely need to be split up during the asset division process in a divorce. However, splitting up assets in an investment account is not as easy as looking at the value of the investments. Couples also have to consider the potential tax liabilities or tax write-offs attached to those investments.

Can a more personal touch bring in overdue child support?

Government agencies around the country use a number of methods to collect overdue child support. Here in Nevada, drivers, business and recreational licenses can be revoked if a person fails to pay child support. Money can be taken directly from people's paychecks. In some cases, those who get seriously behind on their obligations can face jail time.

Nevada: The go-to divorce destination?

If you're considering divorce, you might be interested to know that Nevada was the leading state for divorce for decades. In the 1930s and into the 1960s, it was the go-to destination for spouses to bring their marriages to a close. The state had some of the easiest divorce laws on the books for that period. All you needed to do was live in Nevada for at least six weeks, and you'd be granted a divorce.

The lifelong impacts of childhood exposure to domestic violence

Children who are exposed to domestic violence can be negatively impacted by it throughout their entire lives, even if they are never physically abused themselves. It's estimated that 3 to 4 million American children and teens are at risk of witnessing domestic violence.