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Examples of complex property division

In a divorce, Nevada residents want to retain as much money and assets as possible. However, the division of substantial assets can be difficult to apportion. That's why high asset divorces usually involve what family law attorneys refer to as "complex property division."

Here are a few common examples of complex asset division:

-- A high amount of assets: Nevada spouses with multiple investment accounts, homes, investment properties and other substantial assets will find it difficult to sort through these assets to determine their value. It's also necessary to take into account the potential tax consequences attached to them. Here, experienced accountants and appraisers can play a vital role in fairly dividing large marital estates.

-- Family business matters: A business shared between spouses can be challenging to divide, especially when only one spouse is running the business and considers it to be his or her own property. Fortunately, there are multiple models by which spouses can keep the business running, and still reach a fair and equitable settlement.

-- Business valuation: Usually, the spouse who plans to keep the business wants to show that it has little value, while the spouse who seeks a buy-out wants to show that it is quite valuable. An independent business appraisal can reach a fair valuation.

Las Vegas spouses with complicated marital estates should retain a divorce lawyer with experience in handling high asset divorce proceedings. Such a lawyer will make sure that the client receives fair treatment in the divorce and receives the full amount of the marital estate that he or she is entitled to receive.

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