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Another reason to take domestic violence seriously

Domestic violence is a very serious issue in its own right, and it likely deserves more attention than it gets. However, some people don't really take it as seriously as they should.

Some experts say this could be an issue that has horrific consequences. After all, studies have found that many mass shooters have domestic violence in their past. They say that giving more attention to violence in the home could help people spot red flags that may show an even more dramatic event is coming.

For example, back in 2007, a shooter at Virginia Tech took 32 lives. The young man responsible had been accused of stalking a pair of women and was investigated before the shooting.

In 2014, a man in California shot 19 people, killing half a dozen of them. Reports claim that he often felt he was rejected by women and had become obsessed with it. In fact, he was at a bus stop one day, with two women. They saw him and simply didn't smile at him. His response was to take a cup of coffee and throw it at them.

It's too easy to write these events off, saying that the man doing the stalking hadn't actually physically assaulted anyone or saying that throwing a cup of coffee is a relatively minor event. Ignoring these signs, though, may make it harder to spot those who are eventually going to seek to take lives.

This is by no means to say that all who are accused of domestic violence will someday become mass shooters, but it does help show why domestic violence should never be taken lightly. Those who are being abused have to know what legal options they have to protect themselves and others.

Source: The Washington Post, "What do many mass shooters have in common? A history of domestic violence.," Nancy Leong, June 15, 2017

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