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Are you worried you can't pay your child support?

Life circumstances are constantly changing. One day, we have a great job, and we're making a lot of money. The next day, we lose that job, and we're broke. It's just how life is, and Nevada child support laws recognize the fact that our incomes are constantly in flux. If you lost your job, and you're worried you can't pay your child support each month, you might be able to get approval from a family court judge for a child support modification.

At the Kainen Law Group, we've helped many Nevada mothers and fathers pursue a request to modify their child support orders. In some cases, we ask for increases. For example, we might represent a custodial parent to request a child support increase due to the changing financial requirements of their children. Alternatively, we might request an increase due to a significant increase in the noncustodial parent's financial situation.

More commonly, we also represent noncustodial parents who have suffered a significant worsening of their financial situations to request a reduction -- be it permanent or temporary -- of their monthly child support obligations. Let's say, for example, that you contract cancer, which is preventing you from working and earning a living. You're on Social Security Disability (SSD) and your financial situation is not at a level where you can pay your $500 monthly child support bill. The same might be true for someone who lost his or her job and is only making 75 percent his or her former income at a new job.

If your financial situation is preventing you from paying the full amount of child support you owe, it's important that you fact sooner rather than later. The further behind you get, the more difficult it will be to correct your circumstances to get back on track with your payments again.

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