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July 2017 Archives

Have your co-parenting game plan in place before school starts

With back-to-school sales in full swing, many divorced parents are thinking about how they'll share the parenting responsibilities of homework, extracurricular activities and dealing with their kids' teachers and coaches as well as who will have the kids during vacations.

What's the worst mistake I could make in a high-asset divorce?

Most people would rather have as much wealth and abundance as possible. However, when it comes to divorce, a large marital estate means more complicated divorce proceedings. Indeed, divorce may be one of the few arenas in which the less you have the better off you are.

Should I get a legal separation?

When it comes time to admit that your marriage is irreparable -- for whatever personal reason -- it's also time to decide if you will seek a "legal separation" first or go straight into a divorce. Although most Nevada couples simply think that divorce is the way to go, there are some great benefits to legal separation that you might want to consider.

Actress accuses ex of revenge porn and stalking

Actress Mischa Barton says that she would be "terrified" if she saw the ex-boyfriend whom she says has been trying to sell video of the 31-year-old engaged in sex to various companies for $500,000. Barton may be best known for to many people for her role in the TV series The O.C. from 2003 to 2006.

Domestic violence in Nevada: A continuing problem

In the year 2017, one would not expect domestic violence to be a problem like it was in the past, but that couldn't be further than the truth. Paying specific attention to the treatment of women, researchers have found that a woman gets beaten or assaulted every nine seconds in the United States. In 2016, 24 women died of sexual and domestic violence.