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August 2017 Archives

Should you seek a lump-sum alimony payment?

Most people who receive alimony get their payments on a monthly basis. However, in some cases, people negotiate a deal where they receive a lump-sum alimony payment. They usually agree to a lower overall payout, but receive it all up-front. If the paying spouse can afford to do this, there are advantages for the receiving spouse.

What are my options for receiving child support payments?

In the state of Nevada, child support recipients have two options for receiving their child support money from the other parent of their children. Those options are to have the money deposited directly into your personal bank account or to have it credited to a Nevada debit card in your name.

What constitutes domestic violence in Nevada?

Up until the past decade or so, domestic violence was thought of by most as a crime one romantic partner committed against the other. It's only in recent years that word "domestic" has come to be understood as covering anyone that has maintains a close, familiar relationship with his or her abuser.