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How the 2-2-3 child custody plan works

The 2-2-3 child custody plan is a common arrangement selected by Nevada parents who have a 50/50 child custody agreement. This plan has some pros and cons that parents will want to consider before choosing it, but before discussing the benefits and advantages, let's describe how it works:

The 2-2-3 plan essentially involves the child living Monday and Tuesday with the first parent; Wednesday and Thursday with the second; and Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the first parent. The schedule continues into the second week by starting with the second parent on Monday and Tuesday, and alternates in this fashion.

The benefits of the 2-2-3 plan

With the 2-2-3 plan, children get to live equal time with both parents across two weeks, and they see each parent with only small gaps in time throughout the week. It helps young children, who may need to see both parents more frequently during the week.

The schedule is easy for everyone to understand and follow, including the kids. It reduces conflict because both parents can spend the same amount of time with their children.

The disadvantages of the 2-2-3 plan

The frequent exchanges require additional planning and time, which could make things difficult for the parents. The changing of homes frequently might not work for all children. Since it's a two-week schedule, it may be hard to keep track of -- especially for other family members who don't see the children every week.

The parents need to live in close proximity, or the exchanges become difficult to manage. Parents need to have good communication to make regular logistical decisions.

Take time to consider your child custody plan

All child custody plans have their benefits and disadvantages. Be sure that you have considered all the options and all the pros and cons before deciding which child custody arrangement is right for your family.

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