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Report claims men are victims of abuse almost as often as women

When considering domestic violence, the cliche is to assume that men always abuse women. However, some reports claim that abuse rates are actually close to equal.

The difference, they say, is that men don't call the police as often. They don't make reports. Even when they're injured, they may do nothing.

There are many reasons, some of which stem from the stereotype itself. Other people may be critical of men, telling them to "man up" or saying that it's not possibly that they'd seriously be hurt. Others may simply not believe that men are telling the truth.

Experts point out that this can make it tough for men to come forward, but that they need to -- especially when there are children in the home. Even if the kids aren't injured, just watching these events isn't good for them.

It's not just friends and co-workers who perpetuate stereotypes. One man was assaulted when his girlfriend picked up a guitar -- a toy one owned by the couple's son -- and hit him in the face. The police were called. When they arrived, they pulled out their hand cuffs.

And handcuffed the man who had been attacked.

It all got sorted out in the end. There was a witness who came forward and said that the man was telling the truth, that he was the victim. But it still helped show just how hard this situation can be for men.

If you've been abused or attacked by a family member, regardless of the genders involved, be sure that you are well aware of all of your legal rights. You do have options, from restraining orders to divorce.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "'It's hard for a guy to say, "I need help."' How shelters reach out to male victims of domestic violence," Jennie Jarvie, Aug. 5, 2017

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