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7 benefits of a prenuptial agreement

It used to be that asking your soon-to-be spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement was one of the most controversial things that a fiance could do. However, these days would-be spouses, and society, in general, are a lot more open to the idea of a prenuptial agreement. After all, so many marriages end in divorce that a prenup just makes sense.

Taxes and splitting up investment assets during a divorce

When a couple shares their investment accounts, those assets will likely need to be split up during the asset division process in a divorce. However, splitting up assets in an investment account is not as easy as looking at the value of the investments. Couples also have to consider the potential tax liabilities or tax write-offs attached to those investments.

Nevada: The go-to divorce destination?

If you're considering divorce, you might be interested to know that Nevada was the leading state for divorce for decades. In the 1930s and into the 1960s, it was the go-to destination for spouses to bring their marriages to a close. The state had some of the easiest divorce laws on the books for that period. All you needed to do was live in Nevada for at least six weeks, and you'd be granted a divorce.

What if I co-mingled my inheritance money with marital assets?

In the state of Nevada, inheritance money falls under the category of "separate property." It's not subject to asset division during a divorce, unless the spouse who received the inheritance co-mingled it with marital assets. Co-mingling of an inheritance happens when you deposit your inheritance money into a joint marital account, or when you use the money to benefit both you and your spouse or your family.

Dividing a business during Las Vegas divorce proceedings

The longer a couple is married, the more assets they acquire during their marriage. When the marital estate involves different kinds of assets, like bank accounts, investment accounts, businesses, multiple real estate properties and multiple vehicles, the process of dividing these assets can become very complicated.

Why are second marriages more likely to end than first ones?

It might seem obvious that people who are divorced would have learned some lessons about themselves and what they want from marriage that would make their next union successful. However, statistics show that second and subsequent marriages are more likely to end in divorce than first ones.

Can I keep my inheritance during divorce?

Let's say you received a generous $5 million inheritance from your Uncle Bob last year. You were so sad to lose your Uncle Bob, but the legacy he left you made you feel loved and financially secure. Indeed, your family's financial security -- especially your retirement -- was no longer a source of worry and doubt. Nevertheless, you recently received some difficult news from your husband of 25 years: He's been having an affair and he wants a divorce.